Crypto Affiliate Conference 2017

Prague, Czech Republic, 30-31st of October 2017 – Crypto Affiliate Conference 2017 will be a crucial stepping stone for the whole digital marketing community in the presently changing environment. The participants will have a chance to introduce their Crypto products to a wide array of affiliates and advertisers in order to work out the best marketing strategies on the spot and engage in long-lasting beneficial partnerships. There will also be a plethora of speakers raising important crypto related questions to listen to.

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Designed by the Austrian architect Achille Wölf in the Neo-Renaissance style, the building, which now houses the Boscolo luxury Hotel, was built in 1889-1890 as a bank. The inscription is still in place over the main entrance – HYPOTÉCNÍ BANKA CESKÁ. After being a Czech Post Office under the Communist regime it has been carefully restored and refurbished with glass and steel by the Boscolo Group into one of the most esteemed 5 star hotels in Prague.


CRAC 2017 is the first of its kind. Never has anyone attempted to merge cryptocurrencies with affiliate community before. This conference will come down into history as a site for pioneers in the field of crypto offers. The attendees will have access to several large conference rooms, each specified for different activities. You can choose to listen to speakers with an educational aim or stroll between the booths and inspect offers first-hand. Expect gorgeous food and hot coffee for your delight.