Ethereum Plus.


The popularity of Ethereum is growing at a steady pace. Most of the decentralized organizations today are opting to integrate smart contracts to validate and enforce negotiations without needing a middlemen. But, at the same time, creating smart contracts are too complex for the organizations with no tech backgrounds.

The aim of Ethereum Plus is to simplify smart contract integration for laymen. Ethereum Plus aims to capture those untapped people to be included in existing smart contracts. ETHP enables people to develop their own smart contract with a few clicks and edits. The core feature that ETHP focuses is “plug & play” smart contracts. The pre-existing templates are developed for the end-user having no coding knowledge so that they can create and use smart contracts easily.

ETHP Contracts clearly provide end-users higher flexibility and can easily be deployed on local systems, helping users pay attention to digitized marketing and transactions.



Ramaswamy Raja and Sai Teja