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$FEM Coin Seeks to Bring More Women to the Crypto Space


A new cryptocurrency called $FEM has entered the market. Designed for women by women, the asset was built to bring more ladies into the crypto space, which is still allegedly dominated by men.

Will $FEM Coin Help Women Get Involved in Crypto?

One of the biggest complaints about the crypto space is that it has reportedly become rather exclusive, and when one says exclusive, they mean it is largely geared towards male traders – no one else. Currently, only about five percent of the crypto space sees any kind of activity from women, and many individuals and crypto analysts are looking to change that.

$FEM is a new coin that is available on the Rally platform. Created as an extension of Female Disruptor, the asset is more of a social token rather than a financial one, though according to press materials, the currency can be used in transactions and trading. The currency was established by Lisa Buyer, an entrepreneur and author. She is also the founder of the women-led group Female Disruptors, which came to be in the year 2019 on International Women’s Day.

In an interview, she stated:

I am proud to announce our female-focused digital economy and community where each generation is encouraged to learn from each other.

As a holder of $FEM coin, users can gain access to several female mentors with education in fields such as entrepreneurship, self-leadership, parenting, fashion, finance, and PR and marketing among others.

According to a recent study, women across the globe only earn about 68 percent of what men earn even when they are doing the same work. In addition, most female CEOs only earn about two percent of venture capital, while minority founders only make about one percent.

Buyer is working to change this. She wants her network to grow to include one million women by the end of the year. She further commented:

While it’s encouraging to see entrepreneur celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Randi Zuckerberg and women led NFT collections like Boss Beauties and MyBFFs use their platforms to empower women, we have a long way to go. Together we are better… Men and society need to be modern-day educated and, in a way, rehabilitated to take on a new mindset for what women and non-binaries can accomplish and how to level the playing fields. Women, especially women of color and LGBTQ, are at a complete disadvantage, and carry greater burdens regarding stress, financial security, and access to equal opportunities.

Trying to Make the Space More Inclusive

At the time of writing, virtually anyone can purchase and invest in $FEM coin. Those who hold the coin can also gain access to special educational opportunities and events.

Female Disruptors has featured a variety of virtual courses hosted by renowned female entrepreneurs including Lisa Mayer of Boss Beauties and Cathy Hackl, a renowned metaverse author and speaker.

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