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GoByte Releases Free Service for Merchants to Work with Cryptocurrency


The Malaysian open source project GoByte has proudly released its new, free of charge service that will allow online merchants, worldwide, to accept multiple cryptocurrencies for their commercial payments. The name of the much-anticipated service is “GoByte Pay” and, besides its use as a gateway for receiving and processing cryptocurrency payments, it can serve as a very convenient tool for sending and administrating invoices to individuals and businesses. GoByte Network will collect only a tiny commission for its services, while the integration of the service at the commercial sites will be free of charge.

According to GoByte CEO, Hisyam Nasir, “GoByte’s mission is to be the leader in making cryptocurrency payments easier for users and merchants around the world, through the GoByte Pay platform”.

“We are developing a simple, powerful and adaptable platform which includes features that small and large businesses require to accept and process cryptocurrency payments,” – states Nasir.

The service’s maximum level of functionality is achieved by the synchronization of the platform with mobile devices and the addition of a new feature that enables invoices created by a company to be sent to its clients. Also, it enables payments, which can be seamlessly moved forward to pre-designated wallets, whose sender and recipient can easily track the transaction. This extra can be proved extremely useful for consultants, other professionals and anyone that accepts cryptocurrency payments for services and goods.

Synchronization between Android, iOS and desktop apps will be a part of the release of GoByte mobile apps, so users can monitor their funds and transactions on the fly, as reported in an official Medium post.

Merchants can operate either a GoByte masternode or not, being charged by a nominal transaction fee. Under the first condition, merchants can reduce the transaction fee from the minimal 3%, when using existing solutions like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Coinbase or BitPay to zero.

Besides transaction cost, GoByte Pay’s InstantSend solution enables the transaction processing time to be reduced to 1-2 seconds. In this way, online store owners are benefited by the immediate completion of the transaction and the seldom instant transfer of funds.

The GoByte team is planning to integrate Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other popular crypto coins shortly to approach a wider audience. Meanwhile, with GoByte Pay, online retailers can provide their website customers with the same power that in-store customers enjoy.

About GoByte

GoByte Project was launched in November of 2017 by a group of young developers from around the world who got together virtually to create their own cryptocurrency. They used an existing currency called Dash and created a new coin and network called GoByte with the aim of changing how money is transacted around the world. The GoByte Network is a modular network based on a powerful Blockchain technology. GoByte’s developers are working tirelessly to create new innovative modules to provide powerful new functionality for consumers, merchants, and developers.


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