Maximus Coin Review

The exclusive review of Maximus Coin, a Bitcoin cloud mining company based in Czech Republic.


Maximus Coin is quite a new player in an ever-competitive Bitcoin cloud mining industry, but it still has enough features on its plate to prove its uniqueness. The Czech company is — in fact — a contributor to modern cloud mining technology, for it focuses majorly on developing new age crypto-mining algorithms. By rolling out these algorithms, Maximum Coin aims to reduce costs of electricity and equipment that usually eat up most of the miner revenue in general.

Having a research lab in their backyard, while providing a consistent mining investment service at the front make Maximus Coin a company to look for. At least from the outset, the company grabbed our attention for its sheer dedication. More on it in the review below:

Minimal Investments, Maximum Returns

Maximus Coin is ideal for investors who wish to see their Bitcoin multiply in a decent and transparent manner. Though many services claim to offer unsubstantial returns, Maximus Coin keeps it simple by offering realistic, short-term investment plans. The minimum amount required to be invested is cheaper than the price of a T-shirt (almost $5 in Bitcoin), while the returns are as high as 300 p.c.

To elaborate it further, Maximus Coin offers two Bitcoin cloud mining plans: 1% Daily and 1.5%  Daily. While both plans live up to 200 days since the date of first deposit, investors are given facilities to withdraw profits every day just after the accrual. The transparency quotient remain intact, as Maximus Coin puts all the account details on investors’ well protected and private dashboards.

Speaking about the plans, 1% Daily investment plan requires investors to deposit a minimum of 0.1 BTC in order to receive a whopping 200% return in next 200 calendar days. The maximum they can deposit is 10 BTC which would, obviously, yield more profits.

1.5% Daily investment plan, on the other hand, requires investors to deposit a minimum sum of 10.01 BTC, while the maximum amount can go as far as 1,000 BTC. At the end of their investment period, the investor receives a 300% return on their principal.

How Maximus Coin Multiply Bitcoins?

This is a crucial question, which deserves a believable answer. If multiplying money was this easy, nobody could have died poor ever. But one has to think what the creamy, rich class society actually does to multiply their money so successfully. It’s simple: They make right decisions at the right time.

As Maximus Coin explains, the arrival of Bitcoin has opened a plethora of opportunities to earn profits. The power of creating money — impressively — is now in the hands of people themselves. But can a Bitcoin enthusiast afford a large mining facility to mint Bitcoins on his own — not until he is heir of some billion dollar company.

Maximus Coin aims to tap into the potential of Bitcoin mining by setting up mining facilities where people are investors themselves. So a person with a minimal budget can also invest into the construction of these mining plants, and earn good returns on profits. The business model is attractive, considering the enormous amount of curiosity Bitcoin is generating around the globe — bullish, overall.


Security is the first thing that worries people that invest in Bitcoin businesses. The recent attacks on the world’s leading Bitcoin exchanges have somewhat worsened the fear and uncertainty. However, Maximus Coin ensures industry-grade standards to protect investors’ money from third party infiltrations.

The company’s website, for example, is protected with strong SSL encryption. It also has licensed protection from some of the best third party services, including Site Lock (a malware scanner), Code Guard (daily website and database backup service) and DDOS-Guard (to protect against distributed denial of service attacks).

Customer Support

Maximus Coin can be reached by phone (+420 538 890 008) and email ([email protected]).


Overall, Maximus Coin has the most transparent and straightforward approach that is least expected from Bitcoin investment companies in general. Maximus Coin actually has a vision, which it perfectly demonstrates in the strength it puts into developing next age applications for crypto mining.

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