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The important members of MoneyTech Limited include Anton Zaytsev — the Chief Executive Officer; Elena Poddoubnaya – the Chief Financial Officer; Alexey Besarab — the Chief Technology Officer; and Elena Perelygyna — the PR Director.


Based out of Ukraine, MoneyTech is a cryptocurrency technology company that is on the verge of making cryptocurrency mining accessible to everyone. The company’s focus presently lies on Ethereum and Zcash mining. In order to facilitate profitable mining operations, MoneyTech has already set up its own mining farms in different parts of Ukraine, where the energy costs for running mining operations are much lower that of other countries.

MoneyTech’s mining infrastructure is based on high-performance GPUs and associated hardware supplied by world’s leading manufacturers like AMD, Nvidia, MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte, Hewlett Packard, Sapphire, and Intel. Using an ICO route, MoneyTech has enabled interested people to invest in cryptocurrency mining.

The recently MoneyTech ICO witnessed the purchase of MT tokens by many investors. Those who hold the cryptotokens stand to earn a portion of the company’s 50% income, which is dedicated towards payment of dividends to the platform’s stakeholders. In addition, the MT tokens can soon be traded on other cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

The total number of MT tokens created by MoneyTech is limited to 500,000 MTs.

More information about MoneyTech can be obtained through its website and social media channel.



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