Company Name: MyBit Foundation

Location: Zug, Switzerland

Founder: Ian Worrall





MyBit is an innovative Ethereum blockchain based investment platform that allows individuals to put their money on revenue generating assets in the future markets. Fueled by MyBit tokens, the platform automates the whole process of investment and revenue distribution among the stakeholders in the IoT and renewable energy sector.

By democratizing the investments, MyBit ensures that the large community of individuals stays in control of the new-age technology while reducing the dependency of such projects on centralized financial institutions. Few examples of the future market include drones, self-driving cars, smart homes, autonomous machinery and 3D printers. The MyB token holders can easily invest in Energy & AI revenue generating assets, P2P trading, Machine to Machine payments and even trade on open exchanges.

More information about the platform and its token is available on MyBit website.



Ian Worrall – Founder

Ching Pong Siu (Kenji) – CTO

Garrett McDonald – Blockchain Design and Marketing Strategy

Thomas Pollan – Business Development and Partnerships

Fran Strajnar – Escrow Manager

Pedros Barro – Engineer

Jacob DeBenedetto – UI/UX

Maclin Macalindong – Graphic Design

Bogdan Fiedur – Solidity Dev

Kyle Dewhurst – Solidity Dev

Pedro Augusto – Bounty Campaign Manager

Jake Vartanian – Community Strategy

Hua Li – Chinese Community Manager