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Revain Introduces Version 0.7 of the Dashboard: Projects сan Now Engage With Reviewers


May 07, 2018: Revain is happy to roll out the newest version of its flagship Dashboard product. Version 0.7 is expanding the platform into a new exciting direction with a view to help projects to establish the connection with its users and token-holders. Besides that, for the first time the company starts to experiment with the business model.

This release is an important milestone for the formation of the Dashboard as a tool for projects to work with users’ feedback and manage its public image. Here is the full list of improvements below.

First, Revain is launching projects accounts in beta version. It allows companies to manage their page on the Dashboard which includes things like editing logos and description. Another big feature is the ability to reply to reviews which helps to improve reputation and perception among consumers. Project account will consist of sections such as project’s information, account settings, received reviews and the list of project’s followers. This is how it looks.

Second, the pricing page. Revain is trying to find a right balance between serving users and monetizing the product with the new subscription offering which allows projects to interact with users and their reviews through the replies. Pricing page is the new section of the Dashboard with the information regarding subscription. Revain isn’t announcing prices just yet, but everyone can try all the functionality that goes along with the subscription on Revain’s beta version completely for free. Projects can test what their pages will look like after launch of the project’s account while users can create their own fake company and try the very same functions.

Third, users’ reputation system. From now on every user has a karma which is the total of all likes and dislikes ever received. So, if it is a pretty high number, it is likely that a user has a history of good well-argued reviews. Also, if you want to find out how he got his karma, you can click on user’s name and see all the reviews he ever wrote.

Fourth, Revain continues to enhance the user experience. This time the reviews section of the Dashboard was completely redesigned to a cleaner look, easy-to-use usability and some new interface elements.

About Revain

Revain was created to revolutionize online reviews using blockchain technology. Its platform is designed to accumulate authentic user reviews on startups and projects that have concluded their crowdfunding/ICO stage. The platform is bringing to life the service that will finally allow businesses to receive detailed and genuine feedback about their projects, while users will get access to other people’s experience with ICOs and share their own insights as well. The platform will be aggregating information on token dynamics and major milestones in each listed startup’s development. Revain released version 0.6 of the platform in March 2018 with a target to deliver full release 1.0 as early as Q2 2018.


Revain platform is available on: http://dashboard.revain.org

Official Website: https://revain.org/
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/CzZcC0PCgpJcbBCb3JfNeQ
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/revain.org/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Revain_org
Medium: https://medium.com/revain
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/revain_org/


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