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B of A: Coinbase Will Have a Tough Time in 2023

Despite a recent hike in its stock price, Coinbase is allegedly scheduled to underperform in 2023 according to a new report issued by Bank...

Bank of America Has High Hopes for Solana

Solana has caught the attention of Bank of America. In a recent statement, the financial giant stated that it feels Solana has what it...

Bank of America: There Are Benefits to El Salvador Accepting BTC

As previously reported, El Salvador has become the first country in history to declare bitcoin legal tender. Several financial institutions – such as the...

Bank of America Survey Suggests Fund Managers Aren’t Crazy for BTC

According to a new survey unveiled by Bank of America, fund managers still do not trust bitcoin and see it as a major bubble...

Mike Coyler Thinks Renewable Energy Can Play a Role in BTC’s Future

Bitcoin has been taking a lot of guff in that it allegedly leaves behind a serious carbon footprint. Many new reports have emerged over...

Bank of America Condemns Bitcoin for Its Alleged Energy Use

There is a long-lasting argument in the world of crypto that bitcoin is somehow negative for our environment. That it utilizes too much electricity,...

Bank of America Suggests There’s No Good Reason for Owning BTC

Bank of America is clearly no fan of bitcoin. In a recent statement, the financial giant claimed that the only reason people were buying...


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