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The Treasury is Set to Make Things Rough for Bitcoin

As both sides of the political spectrum have waged war on America’s debt ceiling and worked hard to formulate a deal, there’s growing concern...

Powell Announces Potential Pause to Rate Hikes; BTC Slips

Jerome Powell – the head of the Fed – has announced that due to ongoing stress endured by the American banking system, he and...

Bitcoin is Still 65% Higher than Where it Was Last Year

The price of bitcoin fell somewhat in mid-May, causing a bit of a scare amongst digital currency investors. However, analysts are telling them not...

Bitcoin Shoots Up as Inflation Slides a Tad

Bitcoin endured a slight rise in mid-May after numbers emerged suggesting inflation was potentially easing up. Inflation May Be Dying Down a Bit Regions like the...

The Fed Hikes Rates Again, but Analysts Think Bitcoin Will Surge Soon

The Fed recently made the decision to hike rates again, but the situation appears to be quite different according to various bitcoin and crypto...

The Fed Could Hike Rates Again; What Will Happen to BTC?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other assets have experienced certain degrees of healing in the year 2023, a big turnaround from the previous 12 months,...

Howard Marks: Bitcoin Is an “Anti-Bank Play”

Howard Marks, a billionaire investor, is confident bitcoin has a lot to offer. Howard Marks Feels Bitcoin Has a Solid Future Over the past several weeks,...


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