Umbrella Coin

Company Name: Umbrella Coin

Website: https://www.umbrellacoin.or

Email: [email protected]



Umbrella Coin is a next generation insurance platform powered by blockchain technology. The platform created by a team of experienced professionals democratizes the insurance industry by ensuring community involvement in the major decisions including claims and insurance payouts.

The platform is driven by a mission to make insurance cheaper and more accessible to everyone by incorporating smart contacts and token economy. It supports a range of insurance policy types that can be created by the community members. Unlike traditional insurance companies, the platform believes in helping those who are in need with an adequate cover instead of offering minimum coverage to boost profits.


Umbrella Coin is created by a team of highly-qualified professionals with years of experience across domains. They have managed sales, customer service, commercial software development and more for over two decades. The Umbrella Coin team is led by Terry Tata, the President, and CEO of the innovative platform. He is a veteran of computer software industry with work experience in companies like Raytheon and Rackspace. He has worked on projects ranging from naval software to cloud computing.

The team includes Roshan Parikh — the Lead Blockchain Developer with expertise in web service development, mobile application, and windows application development; David Lackey — Software Architect with an Ivy League degree who has worked in various domains including desktop applications, full stack web development and mobile app development; Elizabeth Sternhell – Senior Software Engineer; Forrest Whitehouse — Chief Software Engineer; Christopher Fong — Backend Software Engineer; Son Nguyen — Chief of Marketing and Sales; David Arnold, Alexander Vargas — Marketing and Sales; and Conrad Membrino as Senior Advisor.