A big question on bitcoin enthusiasts’ minds is, “How long will bitcoin really last?”  Is the digital currency just a running trend?  Will its popularity eventually cease or die down?  Does it really have a future in a world that still seems so dependent on physical money and credit cards?

For many, the answer is a clear “yes.”  Those that delve in bitcoin feel that the blunders it has experienced or the “haters” that seem to thrive on spreading those negative vibes are merely signs that it’s on the rise.  After all, the digital currency is still fairly new and hasn’t worked all the kinks out, and people are always bound to hate or dispel what they fear or don’t understand.

Others, however, are not so sure.  Take Warren Buffett, for example, the “Oracle of Omaha” as he’s come to be called.  One of the richest and most highly-ranked billionaires in the world, Buffett offered some new thoughts on bitcoin just two weeks ago.  While the business mogul has never been a direct fan, many were surprised to hear Buffett actually warn investors to “stay away” from bitcoin in 2015, calling it a “mirage” and labeling it as untrustworthy, as it can be heavily duplicated.  Furthermore, several traditional banking institutions have expressed maliciousness towards bitcoin and its digital cousins.

Obviously, it’s a mixed bag for the time being, and nothing as new as bitcoin is likely to experience worldwide love in its early stages, so perhaps the angry thoughts will change over time… We’ll simply have to wait and see.

What do you all think?  Will bitcoin’s popularity survive the test of time?  Post your comments and ideas below.

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