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Yet Another Huge Step for LockTrip as Beta Goes Live


It has been a while since we have heard of any crypto project actually delivering on their promise. With just a few meaningful tokens currently active, the new and exciting LockTrip is reminding us all what customer-centric development really means as they release their latest Beta marketplace.

Why Should You Care?

LockTrip is the only company that is truly utilizing the blockchain technology to disrupt the travel industry and in doing so, offering a 0% commission booking marketplace featuring over 100,000 hotels worldwide. By cutting out the middlemen LockTrip is able to save their users up to 30% compared to their popular competitors. With properties in Europe being 20% cheaper on average, now is the time to try the new LockTrip Beta marketplace for your upcoming autumn or winter vacation. A fully functional Android and iOS app is also already  available.

How is Beta Better Than Alpha?

According to a post on LockTrip’s blog, the decision to announce Beta was preceded by a major update to the platform introducing multiple feature upgrades and bug fixes. The goal of Beta is to make the marketplace user-friendlier, faster-loading, more affordable and easier to sign up. Features such as improved payment flow and speed, improved smart contracts, new and improved help bubbles, improved wallet password setup and more were introduced. Additionally, multiple user-reported bugs were fixed and the platform is now a breeze to use. The company is reporting that they have implemented heavy code updates into their app as well.

How Long Until I Can use LockTrip?

You can already use LockTrip by visiting https://beta.locktrip.com/ or by downloading the LockTrip app available for Android and iOS. In fact if you were to listen to other LockTrip users – now is exactly the time to open a free account and book your first trip through the platform. Read these posts to find out how this user saved 47% on his London trip, while another user visited France for 68% cheaper than all other booking websites. Looks like it really works consistently and that is no small feat.

One LockTrip user recently said:

I’ve booked my hotel in Cologne last week on the alpha platform of Locktrip (with my LOCs of course) and everyhting worked perfectly well. I saved me about 20%. Our trip is planned for this Thursday till Saturday.

One More Exciting Announcement Coming Soon…

Currently, if you want to use the marketplace you need to purchase LOC tokens. Even though it’s quite easy to obtain them through a simple widget on their website, the company realizes that while everyone likes to travel, not everyone wants to learn how to operate a cryptocurrency. This is why the company will be releasing another major update soon which will allow users to book via fiat currency through regular credit cards at no additional cost. That’s right – the platform will become so easy to use that even people who know nothing about crypto will be able to use it. This will likely create tremendous opportunities for growth and marketing. If you are looking to invest in a decent crypto project after the bubble, this is likely your last opportunity.

The Most Enjoyable Travel Experience Possible?

Everybody loves to have a better choice. And paying exorbitant fees to travel agencies was the only choice people had up until now. Thanks to LockTrip’s revolutionary ecosystem, if you’d like to travel more, pay less and take advantage of a more secure environment, that’s now possible. And the best part – it’s seamless, open-source, and absolutely free-to-use – both for guests and hotel owners. Is this the next unicorn of the travel industry? What do you think? Leave a comment below.

LOC recently got listed on KuCoin! Unlock access to commission-less booking via LOC tokens now and check out their token economy model.

Images courtesy of LockTrip


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