Ziber Limited

Company Name: Ziber Limited

Company Registration Number: 10830406


27, Old Gloucester Street,

London, United Kingdom,


Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.ziber.io


Mark Braun, Founder and CEO

Michail Kaufman, Co-Founder and CTO

Jason White, Co-Founder Operations and Business

Michael Cordy, Co-Founder and CEO TokenMarket



Ziber is the world’s first blockchain mobile operator. The company combines blockchain and mobile telephony technologies to offer inexpensive calling services. Built over Ethereum protocol, Ziber is fueled by Ziber coins.

The platform uses a decentralized system of masternodes hosted on servers and VPS to create a communications network. These masternodes combined with proxy servers set up on the mobile phones running Ziber application allows users to make calls around the world at a fraction of a cost of conventional services. The proxy servers divert VOIP calls from mobile phones, internet applications and other devices to main blockchain system, enabling users to save upon expensive carrier data and voice services.

Ziber is designed to suit the needs of both individuals and businesses, helping them cut costs while using high-quality service. Users can also get rewarded for their participation in the network and for hosting proxy servers.