John McAfee enjoys stirring the cryptocurrency pot on Twitter. Over the past year and a half, McAfee has made a lot of interesting comments which can be interpreted in many different ways. One of his more recent comments seems to indicate he will continue to lead the charge when it comes to Bitcoin private. In what capacity that will be,  remains to be seen at this time.

The future of Bitcoin Private remains in question. It is another hard fork of Bitcoin which may or may not succeed. There are still a lot of questions regarding the viability and longevity of this fork. Additionally, its future development still remains in question. Even so, it seems John McAfee has taken a strong liking to Bitcoin Private in recent weeks.

Another Mysterious John McAfee Tweet

So much even that he is actively tweeting about this altcoin. His recent tweet, as seen below, raises some questions. Some people speculate McAfee is taking over the development of Bitcoin Private. Others think he will provide massive funding to make this the “real” Bitcoin moving forward. Which side is right and which is wrong, remains to be determined at this point in time.

Anyone who pays attention to cryptocurrency will know this Tweet can also be a misdirection. We have seen such behavior before with John McAfee. At one time, he actively “shilled” the Verge cryptocurrency, which crashed hard shortly after. It still remains unclear if this was his doing or someone hacking his account. Even so, it will be interesting to see what happens with Bitcoin Private.

More competition is a good thing in the cryptocurrency world. Bitcoin isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s far from imperfect as well. Whether or not Bitcoin Private will make any meaningful impact in the coming months, remains to be seen. There is no indication that will be the case, but tweets like this will always spark some interest.

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