LBN RIpple Growth 2018

2018 may Become the Year Ripple Finally Breaks Through

While not everyone may like Ripple and XRP, the ecosystem is firing on all cylinders. There is a ton of […]

LBN Coinomi Wallet Closed Source

Coinomi Wallet can no Longer be Audited by the Public

It seems there is some debate on Reddit regarding the Coinomi wallet. Most people assume this solution is open source, […]

LBN LocalBitcoinCash Suprnova

Suprnova Starts Mining Bitcoin Cash Despite Offensive Coinbase Text

Drama in the Bitcoin world is anything but hard to come by these days.That is rather unfortunate, but it is […]

LBN Baidu Bitcoin Mining

Baidu Launches new Service With Potential Bitcoin Mining Implications

Cryptocurrency mining has always been an intriguing and a peculiar business model. For most at-home users, it is simply not […]

LBN IcyWallet Visually Impaired

IcyWallet is a Secure Solution for Visually Impaired Bitcoin Enthusiasts

Bitcoin wallet solutions come in many different shapes and sizes. Most of us take these concepts for granted, but that […]

LBN Ben Lawsky Ripple

BitLicense Creator Ben Lawsky is now a Ripple Board Member

Ripple has proven to be one of the more impressive companies throughout 2017. Their focus on digital assets and cross-border […]

LBN Bitcoin Cash Bitstamp

Bitstamp to Enable Bitcoin Cash Trading in About two Weeks

Most people are well aware of how Bitstamp will enable Bitcoin Cash trading soon. This is remarkable and somewhat controversial […]


Chinese Exchange Adds BTC and USDT Markets For XRP

Getting cryptocurrencies listed on more exchange will vastly improve their liquidity. In the case of Ripple’s XRP, most of the […]

LBN Confido ICO Scam

Confido ICO Turned Into a Scam as Developers Cash out

Cryptocurrency ICOs pose a very real threat to the overall ecosystem. It only takes one or two nefarious projects to […]

LBN Israel Bitcoin Regulation

Israel Takes a big Step Toward Regulating Bitcoin

Bitcoin regulation will always remain a very controversial topic. Although this may be a needed change for the future, it […]

LBN BItcoin Cash Address Codebase

Bitcoin Cash Will get a Unique Address Codebase Early Next Year

Even though Bitcoin Cash is pretty successful, there is room for improvements. The recent hard fork introduced some big changes […]

LBN Tether Manipulation Altcoins

Tether’s USDT Affects More Markets Than Bitcoin Alone

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world are concerned about Tether. With millions of new tokens issued every other day, there […]

LBN SegWit2x Utter Failure

SegWit2x Hard Fork Fails to Gain Traction as Network Remains at a Standstill

Things are not going according to plan for SegWit2x. In fact, the network is pretty much dead. It was dead […]

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