LBN Litecoin Spam Exchanges

Exchanges Suffer From Litecoin Network Spam but LTC Price Doesn’t Budge

The Litecoin network was disrupted yesterday afternoon due to a spam attack. Although that is rather unusual, it forced exchanges […]


XRP Q2 Report Shows Ripple is Doing Quite Well Where it Matters

The Ripple team has unveiled their Q2 report, which is something the community has been waiting on for some time now. […]

LBN MIT Litecoin

The Mysterious MIT Litecoin Project Has Disappeared

Not too long ago, there was some excitement regarding MIT’s mystery Litecoin project. At that time, it was unclear what […]

LBN Ripple Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Faster Payment Site’s Ripple Video Showcases the Future of Banking

Most people are well aware of what Ripple is trying to achieve. Addressing the many issues and flaws in the […]

LBN Litecoin August 1st

Will August 1st Be Litecoin’s Day to Shine As Bitcoin Trading will be Temporarily Halted?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world keep a close eye on August 1st. That is only normal, as that can […]

Ripple Blockchain Top 100

Ripple Enters the Top 5 of the 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies in the World

Even though a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts have no love lost for Ripple, one can’t deny the technology it offers. […]

LBN QuadrigaCX Litecoin

QuadrigaCX Enables Litecoin Trading to Appease Canadian Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

More exchanges enabling Litecoin trading can only be a good thing. The latest exchange to do so is QuadrigaCX. The […]

NewBTC Ripple Consensus Ledger

Ripple Consensus Ledger Expands to 55 Validator Nodes in Decentralization Effort

The Ripple team announced they want to decentralize their blockchain over the coming years. This news was announced a few […]

LBN Cryptocurrency ICO Progress Report

Regular Progress Reports Need to Become the Standard for Every ICO Project

With so many cryptocurrency ICOs behind us, now is the time for teams to show some proof. More specifically, progress […]

LBN Litecoin China Korea

Litecoin Shows Vital Signs of Life Amid Cryptocurrency Market Recovery

It is evident Litecoin is making some big moves in China as we speak. Whereas most other cryptocurrency markets are […]

LBN Darknet Bitcoin Altcoins

Altcoins Are Unsuccessful in Gaining Darknet Traction Despite Providing Better Privacy

Over the past few months, we have seen a new trend in the world of darknet marketplaces. While Bitcoin has […]

LBN LTC Futures

Litecoin Futures Trading Sees Strange Action Despite Low Volume

Despite all major cryptocurrencies consistently losing value, Litecoin is still holding its own quite well. Even though LTC has taken […]

LBN Yahoo Finance Litecoin

A Litecoin Price Ticker Appears on the Yahoo Finance Website

Things are getting quite interesting for Litecoin, to say the least. The currency is hitting its stride as we speak, […]

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