The global cryptocurrency mining malware trend isn’t coming to an end anytime soon. A newly discovered malware strain specifically targets Linux and IoT devices. This is a different approach as most of these attacks focus on Windows devices. Researchers are concerned this new mining software will only make cryptojacking an even bigger problem. Known as Linux Rabbit, this software kit packs quite the punch.

Linux Rabbit Is a Big Problem

Unlike what the name suggests, there is nothing fluffy about Linux Rabbit. It is a new type of malware recently discovered by security researchers. Its main purpose is to affect Linux servers and Internet of Things devices. The main focus of this new malware is to infect devices with cryptocurrency mining software in order to mine Monero.

Interestingly enough, this malware is rather versatile. It will not rely on just one type of Monero mining tool. Not too long ago, researchers noted cryptojacking is slowly shifting away from the CoinHive script. Instead, new tools are being used and deployed on a very large scale. It seems Linux Rabbit follows a very similar approach. It will install a cryptocurrency miner depending on the device’s infrastructure. In doing so, the criminals will attempt to increase their chances of success.


The main problem is determining the exact attack vector to distribute this malware. So far, no official “cause” has been identified by researchers. It appears attacks are limited to specific countries at this time. Even so, that doesn’t mean a global outbreak will never occur. Linux Rabbit also relies on Tor to connect with its command-and-control server. This makes it more difficult to track down the host of the server and shut it down accordingly.

Cryptojacking Remains a Big Problem

Linux Rabbit is only the latest type of malware intent on mining cryptocurrencies. The overarching trend has been very problematic for several months now. It appears criminals continue to explore cryptojacking opportunities whenever they can. Despite falling cryptocurrency prices, these efforts continue to pose major problems around the world.

Cryptojacking is an increasing threat.

Given how this type of malware is difficult to intercept, it remains to be seen how successful Linux Rabbit will be. Linux is not the most popular operating system in the world. It is often used on VPS platforms and company servers. That alone makes it a big problem as entire networks can be shut down when such servers are affected. Internet of Things devices, on the other hand, are far more commonly used by consumers.

This latest development paints a very bleak picture. Consumers and corporations will need to take device security a lot more seriously. This is especially true where internet-connected machines are concerned. Cryptojacking is a very serious threat which will not disappear anytime soon. Instead, it seems this threat becomes more prevalent despite the best efforts by security researchers.

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