Top Ranked US Universities Now Offer Bitcoin Courses

A few months after King’s College in New York became the first accredited college in the United States to accept […]

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Bitcoin Breaks Above Consolidation; Resistance Factors Tested

Bitcoin Breaks Above Consolidation; Resistance Factors Tested

Consolidation Breakout: Bitcoin fell from 523 last week to a low of 470 this week. After consolidating between 470 and […]

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Bitcoin - Gold

New Gold and Bitcoin Marketplace Opened Following Partnership between Amagi Metals and DigitalTangible

A brand new trading platform that allows users to trade in bitcoin, physical gold and cash has been launched following […]

Bitcoin Manifesto

UK should be Made More Bitcoin-Friendly by The Government According to New Manifesto For FinTech

A range of recommendations have been made for the FinTech industry in the UK in a brand new manifesto which […]

Bitcoin Confused?

Acceptance by The Public Will be The Making or Breaking of Bitcoin

Ever since it first appeared back in 2009 the bitcoin has had a hard time winning both the hearts and […]


Indonesian Project Makes Bitcoin Available in 10,000 Stores

There is a real technology revolution in Indonesia as more and more people continue embracing bitcoin and using it to […]

If Correctly Regulated, Bitcoin Could Be The Internet of Money

Bitcoin has long been the subject of various articles in the past few months especially by experts who have interest […]


The Rise and Fall of bitcoin in Canberra

The huge bitcoin prospects have got everyone talking including Canberrans who in actual sense rarely use the digital coin to […]


General Acceptance of Bitcoin Poised to Steer its Future Growth

Bitcoin, which first made headlines in 2009 as one of the digital currencies is today making a buzz than any […]

Litecoin Awaiting Breakout from Consolidation

Litecoin Awaiting Breakout from Consolidation

  • September 3, 2014 at 4:27 BST

Litecoin fell from last week’s high of 5.89 to 4.75, which is the low so far this week. The 1H […]

Bitcoin Gambling

A Boom in Gambling With Bitcoins? This is Just the Beginning!

When it comes to business the gambling industry is a huge one with around 8 percent of its business, which […]


Latest Bitcoin News: 200 Worldwide Bitcoin ATMs Now Available, New US Regulation on Bitcoins and Demands for Bitcoin Wages for Workers

For anyone that uses them the volatility of the bitcoin currency is common knowledge with the highs and lows fluctuating […]

Dogecoin meets Twitch

John Mohland discusses and his creation dogetipbot

The dogetipbot was one of the early innovations that has become key to the dogecoin rising beyond its humble beginnings […]

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