Lucyd – our mission is fun, comfy and practical smart glasses for everyone

The crypto-asset management platform, CoinDash has entered into a partnership with GateCoin on 10th October 2017 to integrate […]

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Long-term Blockchain Integrity Against Short Term Issues

On July 20, the Ethereum network completed its first successful hard fork, in an attempt to recover drained ether from […]

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LBN_Bitcoin Hard Fork

Should Bitcoin Hard Fork To End The Block Size Discussion?

The ongoing Bitcoin blocks size debate remains a source of considerable controversy. Despite a meeting taking place between Bitcoin developers […]

Ethereum Classic Attack Pool Under DDoS Attacks

Ethereum Classic attack pool, an initiative developed to launch a 51% attack on the ETC network, experienced a series of […]

LBN_Cashless Is Not The Answer

The Pitfalls of Pushing For A Cashless Society

By the look of things, the cashless society might not be as far off as most people would think. More […]


SimpleFX Enables Credit Card Support To Buy Bitcoin Instantly

The war between exchanges to serve as many Bitcoin users is in full effect. Trying to out-compete one another through […]

LBN_Ethereum Development Screwups

Mounting Number of Bad Coding Mistakes Haunts The Ethereum Ecosystem

The ongoing debate over the Ethereum hard fork decision has brought some interesting concepts to light. Unfortunately for Ethereum investors […]

Are Financial Institutions Recognizing the Declining Blockchain Trend?

The blockchain technology has become an international sensation; banks, financial institutions and research groups have been trying to exploit Bitcoin’s […]

Zurich, Emerging Fintech and Blockchain Hub For Startups

Switzerland, Zurich in particular, is a home to many of the digital currency industry’s leading startups and organizations including Xapo, […]

LBN_Bitcoin Thrives In Malaysia

Malaysia Shows An Appetite For Bitcoin Amidst Money Laundering Investigations

Bitcoin trading is going through peaks and lows everywhere in the world at some point in history. Over the past […]

LBN_Coinbase Ethereum Bitcoin Doubling

Double Your Bitcoins With The Coinbase Ethereum Exchange Bug

The launch of Ethereum Classic and its support by the community has raised a lot of questions. More particularly, what […]

LBN_India Digital payments Bitcoin

India’s Digital Payment Ecosystem Can Thrive With Bitcoin

The Indian market can be a significant boost for Bitcoin in the coming decade. Many people are well aware this […]

Salcido Enterprises, LLC secures a long-term power contract, announces another cryptocurrency and data server business venture

Wenatchee, WA. – Salcido Enterprises, LLC has secured a long-term land lease, along with a long-term power contract with Douglas County […]

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