LBN_France Euro Bitcoin

French Population Not Happy With Euro, Bitcoin To Benefit?

Things could get very interesting during the upcoming elections in France. A new poll, released by local newspaper Le Figaro, […]

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Tithecoin Combines Altruism and Profit

TitheCoin, the name itself alludes to the true purpose of the venture. TitheCoin takes its name from the English word […]

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LBN_XMR 0702

Monero Pice Analysis – Big Losses Coming To XMR/BTC

A lot has happened for Monero over the past 24 hours, that much is certain. Significant losses in the BTC […]

LBN_Bitcoin Saigon Coffee

Buying Coffee or Laughing Gas with Bitcoin now Possible In Saigon

Bitcoin acceptance seems to be growing all over the world. Several shop owners are openly advertising their acceptance of cryptocurrency […]


InterContinental Hotels Group Affected by Credit Card Breach

Credit card theft is slowly becoming the norm rather than an exception. Millions of credit card details have been stolen […]

LBN_XMR 0602

Monero Price Analysis – Dip Below 0.012 BTC To Materialize Soon?

Volatility is still present in the Monero market right now, even though the damage has been kept to a minimum. […]

LBN_Blowing Up Bank ATMs

Crime Gang Members Blowing Up Bank ATMs Sentenced To Over 30 Years in Prison

Not too long ago, a group of criminals was arrested for their involvement in blowing up bank ATMs. By using […]

LBN_Bitcoin Efficiency Cuckoo Cache

Cuckoo Cache Will Make Bitcoin More Efficient In Next Core Client Release

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of talk about ways to make bitcoin better. Scalability is […]

LBN_XMR 0502

Monero Price Analysis – Up Can Become The New Down Again

Down seems to be the new up for Monero all of a sudden. With the bitcoin price dipping lower, Monero […]

LBN_SegWit Centralized

Is SegWit Signaling Support Becoming Too Centralized?

Support for Segregated Witness is seemingly dwindling, which has quite a few bitcoin community members concerned right now. In fact, […]


Bitcoin Unlimited Starts To Outpace SegWit Support

It appears another plot twist looms on the horizon when it comes to the ongoing battle between Bitcoin unlimited and […]

LBN_ViaBTC Hard Fork

ViaBTC Proposes Firing Core Devs By Hard Forking Bitcoin

An intriguing proposal has been posted on Twitter by none other than the ViaBTC mining pool. Although it is doubtful […]

LBN_Cash ATM Withdrawals 2015

2015 Saw Global Cash ATM Withdrawals Increase by 10%

It is evident consumers still prefer to use cash whenever possible, despite the growing number of alternative payment solutions. With […]

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