LBN_Venezuela Bitcoin Mining

Venezuelan Bitcoin Miners Start Shutting Down Operations Amid Government Crackdown

Being a bitcoin miner living in Venezuela is anything but a fun experience right now. A lot of miners are […]

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LBN_XMR 1202

Monero Price Analysis – Stability Above 0.015 BTC Seems Guaranteed For Now

Things are starting to look up for Monero once again, even though no one is certain how long this positive […]

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LBN_ETH Bitcoin

Erik Voorhees Feels ETH Is A Valid Alternative Payment Option to Bitcoin

Every time a public figured talks about bitcoin on Twitter, it is only a matter of time until controversy ensues. […]

LBN_QuadrigaCX Cheque

QuadrigaCX User Receives Withdrawal Request As A Blank Cheque

When it comes to moving funds out of a bitcoin exchange, things can get hairy quite quickly. In the case […]

LBN_Fed Regulator Exit

Top Federal Reserve Regulator Hands in Resignation

One of the top Federal Reserve officials has resigned from his post effectively immediately. This news comes as quite a […]

LBN_BItcoin Inbox 21

21 Inc Launches New Inbox Service That Pays Users in Bitcoin

21 Inc has come up with a new service to revolutionize the way people think about using bitcoin. In fact, […]

LBN_Monero 1002

Monero Price Analysis – Temporary Support Level Achieved?

As was to be expected, things are turning from bad to worse for Monero right now. With rather large losses […]

LBN_PBOC Bitcoin Capital Control

Is The PBOC Using Bitcoin Exchanges To Catch People Who Violate Capital Flight Restrictions?

The recent actions by the People’s Bank of China raise a lot of questions among bitcoin community members. Some people […]

LBN_Bitcoin Node Nigeria

It Costs 10% of Annual GDP To Run a Bitcoin Node in Nigeria

Bitcoin can make a significant impact in Africa over the next few years, as it is the only global asset […]

LBN_Monero Trading 0902

Monero Price Analysis – Beware of Bitcoin’s Return to US$1,000

Monero is once again taking advantage of what is happening to bitcoin right now, although it is very different from […]

LBN_Kraken PayCash

Kraken Temporarily Disables PayCash Deposits And Withdrawals

It appears the popular Kraken bitcoin exchange has run into some issues as of late. The company accepts a wide […]

LBN_BitNZ Shutting Down

New Zealand Bitcoin Exchange BitNZ To Shut Down Soon

Even though bitcoin adoption seems to be thriving all over the world, things have not necessarily become easier for companies […]

Choose the best Sports Book Sites with Sports Booking Reviews

Every sport lover at least once in their life time or sometimes more feels an urge to bet on their […]

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