JT launches cutting-edge wireless network to enable Jersey as a smart island

6th  January 2017 – JT – a global Tier 1 operator based in the British Channel Islands – is getting off […]

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LBN_NAB Data Leak

National Australia Bank Leaked 60,000 Customers’ Details Via Email

Banks leaking sensitive customer information is a big problem in this Digital Age. One of Australia’s leading banks got mixed […]

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LBN_Monero Flat Trading Chart

Monero Price Analysis – Bearish Trend In Both USD And BTC Markets

Things have been relatively quiet in the Monero markets over the past 24 hours. Neither the BTC and USD markets […]

LBN_Bitcoin MMM Nigeria

MMM Nigeria Ponzi Scheme Ditches Naiira In Favor of Bitcoin

The MMM pyramid scheme is planning a return to Nigeria shortly. Company officials have indicated they will no longer accept […]

LBN_BItcoin bank of America Investment

Michael Dunsworth: “Bank of America Diversifies Their Portfolio With Bitcoin”

More and more rumors are surfacing regarding how Bitcoin can replace gold as the primary alternative investment opportunity. Digital currency […]

bitcoin casino

Bitcoin is Becoming the Next Big Thing in Online Casinos

Over the past few years, we’ve been hearing more and more about Bitcoin and its uses. It’s went from a […]

TheMerkle_XMR Analysis

Monero Price Analysis – USD Market Gains Paint A Positive Outlook

Things continue to look rather bad for the Monero market as of late. The currency continues to lose ground against […]

LBN_Malaysia Ringgit Bitcoin

Devaluation of Malaysia’s Ringgit Drives Future Bitcoin Adoption

The decline in value of national currencies is fueling further Bitcoin adoption. Malaysia’s Ringgit has hit an 18-year low against […]

LBN_Bitcoin Finance Turmoil

Global Financial Markets Are On The Brink of Collapse While Bitcoin Trucks On

Even though Bitcoin has seen a sharp price retrace over the past few days, it remains one of the most […]

LBN_BItcoin Indonesia

Indonesia is on the Right Track to Become a Major Bitcoin Hub

Indonesia is a developing region, which spells a bright future for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Over the past few years, it […]

LBN_Fintech OCC Banking

New OCC Report Labels Fintech As A Threat To US Banking

Leave it up to the financial experts and regulators to hinder innovation at every step of the way. Even though […]

At Dragons.tl Money Literally Grows on Plants

Well digital world is not only revolutionising the real world but also disproving the conventional wisdom! As is evident in […]

LBN_XMR Price Chart

Monero Price Analysis – Plenty of Blood In The USD Market Waters

The Monero charts are looking rather bleak compared to just a few days ago. XMR’s USD value has dropped by […]

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