LBN Bitcoin Cash Bitstamp

Bitstamp to Enable Bitcoin Cash Trading in About two Weeks

Most people are well aware of how Bitstamp will enable Bitcoin Cash trading soon. This is remarkable and somewhat controversial […]

LBN Bitstamp LTC Add

Bitstamp Will Enable Litecoin Trading Later Today

Today will be an important day for the Litecoin community. After many weeks of waiting, LTC will finally be added […]

LBN Litecoin Bitstamp

Bitstamp Confirms Litecoin Integration Will Take Place in the Upcoming Week

For quite some time now, there has been speculation as to when Bitstamp will add Litecoin support. Having multiple exchanges […]

LBN ETH LTC Bitstamp

Bitstamp Will Enable ETH and LTC Trading This June

An interesting announcement was made by the Bitstamp exchange yesterday. The company acknowledged they will integrate support for Litecoin and […]

LBN_Bitstamp Ripple XRP

Bitstamp Will add EUR and USD Trading Pairs For XRP On January 17

Popular European cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp has added a new trading market to their platform. Come January 17; Bitstamp users can […], UAE, bank Hacked! 80,000 Profiles Compromised

  • July 14, 2015 at 2:00 GMT is the latest addition to the list of hacked Bitcoin companies. According to reports, the bitcoin cloud mining service […], UAE, bank

Hackers Target Bitcoin Gambling Sites during Holiday Weekend

It seems like the hackers have now found a new target. After Bitcoin wallets, exchanges, ransomware and hacking corporate accounts […]


Bitstamp Loses $5 Million to Hackers, Hushes It Up!

According to the reports, there had been another hacking incident where hackers made away with about $5 million in bitcoins. […]

EU Keeps a Close Eye on Bitcoin Transactions, Banks Involved Too

EU Keeps a Close Eye on Bitcoin Transactions, Banks Involved Too

  • June 26, 2015 at 7:30 GMT

The governments were always scared of Bitcoin, they were worried about losing their control over the flow of money, in […]

SpectroCoin Debit Cards Lets You Pay Anywhere with Bitcoins

The Bitcoin Company, SpectroCoin has been in the news from the past few months for launching a new bitcoin to […]

For Every “Bad” Bitcoin, There is a Good One Waiting in the Wings

At the moment, the bitcoin price isn’t experiencing much change.  It’s currently hovering at around the $220 range, and for […]


Bitcoin Drops Another 15%

Man oh man… So it feels like all we’re witnessing lately is the continual price plunge of bitcoin.  Recently, the […]


Bitcoin’s Popularity

Bitcoin’s popularity doesn’t seem to falter.  Few can place their fingers on the exact reason why; perhaps it’s the simple […]

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