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Bitstamp to Enable Bitcoin Cash Trading in About two Weeks


Most people are well aware of how Bitstamp will enable Bitcoin Cash trading soon. This is remarkable and somewhat controversial decision. Given the issues with “Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin” on social media these days, Bitstamp is making an interesting decision. Whether or not this will pay off for the company, remains to be seen. The new trading markets will go live in the next two weeks, although no official date is known at this time.

In a way, the listing of Bitcoin Cash itself is a smart decision. There is a high demand for this altcoin, to say the least. Moreover, a lot of Bitstamp users are still waiting to receive the BCH balances. That will happen once the new trading markets go live in the next two to three weeks. Unlike some other platforms, this exchange will not convert BCH to BTC on behalf of its users. It will be interesting to see how this listing affects the altcoin and the exchange.

Bitstamp Overlooks Established Alternative Currencies

From what little we do know, it seems there will be a total of three BHC markets. Users can exchange Bitcoin Cash for USD, EUR, and Bitcoin itself. It is remarkable how Bitstamp decides to give this altcoin priority over other established currencies, though. They could have easily added Dash, or even Monero before BCH even becomes a factor. It is doubtful these communities will feel overlooked, though. The company may still add both of these markets in the future, for all we know.

According to the company, this market is added due to overwhelming demand. Given the vast number of exchanges supporting BCH, that seems pretty odd. More specifically, this altcoin has more fiat currency and BTC gateways than most top altcoins combined. Stating there is overwhelming demand may be an exaggeration. Existing customers still waiting for their BCH balance will be more than fed up with the delay. After all Bitcoin Cash launched several weeks ago, and the exchange took its sweet time finalizing this integration.

Given the current trend of adding multiple currencies, it will be interesting to see what other markets come to Bitstamp. It is evident the company is held in high regard in regards to fiat trading. They should support all of the main cryptocurrencies first and foremost This doesn’t include IOTA or NEO, which are still considered to be new currencies. The likes of Dash and Monero, for example, should have been added earlier this year. For some reason, that never happened, even though there is no technical reason not to do so. An interesting trend to keep an eye on, that much is certain.

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