Hundreds of banks around the world are keeping an eye on Ripple’s technology. That is only normal, as faster and cheaper transactions are quite beneficial. Saudi Arabia’s largest bank recently completed its first cross-border transfer using Ripple technology. Al Rajhi Bank is the world’s largest Islamic bank. This is another validation of Ripple’s technology, that much is evident.

It is quite interesting to see so many banks explore Ripple technology right now. A lot of trials are coming to a successful end right now. More specifically, the world’s largest Islamic bank recently completed a trial using this particular blockchain. Cross-border money transfers can be made faster and cheaper. Ripple aims to provide this technology to financial institutions all over the world. Having the world’s largest Islamic bank on board is a major validation for the blockchain service provider.

Ripple Makes Inroads in Islamic Finance

Money was transferred between Al Rajhi Bank offices across Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The transfer took mere seconds to complete, and reduced fees to a bare minimum. It is unclear if the XRP token was involved in this trial, though. It is evident Ripple is on the radar of many banks around the globe. Successfully completing this trial will help Saudi Arabia digitize the customer banking experience even further.

More specifically, digitizing the banking experience will allow for faster and cheaper transactions. Additionally, it will be provided a heightened level of accuracy. Al Rajhi Bank is working hard to embrace new technologies. Blockchain is on the top of the priority list right now. It is the technology of the future of digital banking, that much is evident. Using Ripple is quite significant, to say the least. There are quite a few blockchain service providers out there right now.

It appears the world’s largest Islamic bank is quite pleased with this Ripple trial. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may soon see mass adoption of Ripple’s ecosystem. Al Rajhi Bank runs over 200 remittance centers across the country. If those were all to use Ripple – and potentially XRP – things can get quite interesting. It will be interesting to see what happens next regarding this trial and future integration of blockchain technology.

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