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2020 Blockchain Raising Stars 8


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Joon. G. Kim and INVESTMENT TIMES hosted the ‘2020 Blockchain raising stars 8’.

Joon. G. Kim is the organizer who invited ‘2020 Korea Innovative leader 30,’ which nominated the Samsung Electronic previous Chairman Kwon and Jeju Governor Won. ‘2020 Blockchain rasing stars 8’ committee selected foundation and person, they endeavor to the Original market and Blockchain market.

They selected four parts (Mainnet, Media, Exchange, and person).

In the Mainnet part, Committee selected the Jelurida and Quarkchain. Jelurida is the blockchain software company that develops the Ardor and NXT blockchain. They strive to build the blockchain tech to initial logistic and data industries. Ardor selected as the generic technology from the Austrian government project which is trying to introduce the blockchain technology on Covid-19 communication. Quarkchain foundation strives to institute Blockchain to the China government. Committee selected the Jelurida and Quarkchain, which present the collaboration of the primary industries.

In the Media part, Committee selected the Gate.io research team and Block Insight.

Gate.io research team makes an effort to inform the virtual asset and Blockchain industries’ information to the Blockchain and virtual asset investor. The reason why committees pick the Gate.io Research is they work steady, objectivity, and comprehensive.  The other is Block Insight, which is the platform curating the blockchain news. Block Insight does the listing marketing to seize the people who interest in the virtual asset. In 2020, they re-launch the Block Insight. Over the 30,000 downloads in a week.

In exchange part, committed nominated the Kucoin and Mercado Bitcoin exchange, which can make possible to mature the virtual asset market’s Hugo.

Exchange KuCoin is the top exchange platform in Global. It is accumulated trades almost 500M number of trading and 80B dollars volume in a day. Over the 100 fiats trading and build the four layers for the traders. Launched in 2014, Mercado Bitcoin has more than 500,000 subscriptions and is an exchange used by an average of 1.4 million per month. More than 98% of exchange users are Brazilian users, and most of them are directly in contact. Mercado exchange does the commentary on on-channel like Youtube and Instagram.

In-person part, committed nominated Oscardarmawan and Lee won je

he works the INDODAX CEO and targets the Indonesia trader who favors the virtual asset trading. He does the safety listing and marketing for his country users, which prevents the degradation of virtual asset value in April. Lee won je; he is the CEO of the K-whales. He creates the virtual asset consulting group in Korea. Lee offers virtual asset information to help their trading and investing. He works with 100 top traders and 1,000 traders.


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