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2024’s Top 3 Crypto AI Innovations That Could Revolutionize Your Trading Strategy (RCOF, NEAR, INJ)


With innovations emanating from the AI sector, this industry is poised to dominate the ongoing crypto bull run. RCO Finance (RCOF) demonstrates this assertion by introducing its AI-powered robo advisor, designed to enhance users’ investment strategies. 

The technology will transform the way investors approach investing, guaranteeing financial freedom. Likewise, Near Protocol (NEAR) and Injective (INJ) have unveiled partnerships and good reports, presenting them as the best altcoins to buy now.

RCO Finance Introduces An AI Robo Advisor To Upgrade Your Trading Strategy

RCO Finance (RCOF), a decentralized finance AI-powered trading platform developed on the Ethereum blockchain, has unveiled a new technology to help investors fine-tune their investment game. This new technology everyone is talking about is an AI-powered robo advisor that operates with machine learning capabilities. 

The robo-advisor provides insight into the best type of asset to invest in at any given time because it can read trends and spot opportunities in the market.

The platform offers users access to various financial instruments, from real-world assets and exchange-traded funds to shares, stocks, bonds, etc. These assets can be swapped with cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currencies, saving an investor’s time. 

So, if APPL is the hot investment right now, the robo-advisor informs the investor who can trade in their crypto holding with the stock’s equivalent.

Investors can provide liquidity to up to 12,500 trading pairs, each of which can be traded with up to 1,000X leverage. An automated market maker, liquidity pools that use algorithmic mechanisms to foster digital asset trading via decentralized exchanges make it possible. The platform also provides users with a debit card that can be used without geographical restrictions or KYC.

Near Protocol Retains The Most Users among L1 Networks

Near Protocol, the blockchain network behind the NEAR crypto, has crushed a significant milestone revealed in a recent report. The report disclosed that Near Protocol has the most considerable user retention amongst other layer-1 networks in the last 12 months. At the same time, NEAR has been one of the top gainers in the previous seven days.

Artemis, a blockchain intelligence platform, called attention to this development, noting that the retention of users on Near Protocol rose 9.53% during the indicated timeframe. Meanwhile, layer-1 networks like Avalanche (AVAX) saw 8.19% of their users return, while BNB Chain recorded 7% user conservation. Ethereum (ETH) and Tron (TRX), the blockchains with the largest TVL, barely touched 5%.

DeFiLlama, a prominent blockchain tracker, counted 19 active DeFi platforms on Near Protocol, with a total value of around $306 million. NEAR currently trades at $5.29, rising 5.10%. NEAR’s uptick can be related to the adoption of brewing AI integration within the Near Protocol ecosystem.

Injective Partners With DEGA To Foray Web3 Gaming

Prominent blockchain network Injective has partnered with leading game developer DEGA To forage into the Web3 gaming realm. Injective notified the community of this alliance in a June 19 post on X. The blockchain entity stated in the tweet, “DEGA is now live on Injective.”

According to the partnership details, developers can build games on DEGA using Injective’s architecture. Through this liaison, the platform will open a doorway into Web3 gaming and development. Carlos Rene, the CEO of DEGA, commented on the partnership, stating that Injective and DEGA’s shared vision for AI, financial inclusion, and ease will benefit ecosystem users.

Additionally, everyone will enjoy incentives such as in-game item giveaways and tournaments and the integration of injective games on DEGA. INJ gained 3.23% following the news, with the price hitting $21.82. The partnership illustrates the adoption of AI and Web3 among blockchain networks like Injective.

RCOF Presale: The Goldmine Of Crypto Investing

RCO Finance is offering investors a golden opportunity to realize substantial gains on its native token, RCOF, before it becomes tradable on public exchanges. The token is currently in its presale stage, trading for $0.0127. With RCOF expected to list at $0.4 or $0.6, investors who acquire the token at its current price will be sitting on at least a 3,000% profit when it launches.

That means a $1,000 investment in RCOF could turn into $30,000 or more when it arrives on exchanges. According to a report by SolidProof, a blockchain security firm that audited RCO Finance, the token is safe to buy. Also, holding RCOF offers several perks, such as giveaways, rewards, governance rights, quarterly dividends, and more.

Ultimately, RCOF is considered one of the best altcoins to buy today.

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