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21 CEO: Bitcoin Removes Any Excuse for Not Investing


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Bitcoin has experienced an extraordinary growth since its birth in 2009, as the demand for the virtual currency exploded in various regions including China, the U.S. and Europe.

A major factor behind the success of Bitcoin many experts say, is its liquidity and high international conversion rate. Unlike traditional investments, company stocks and assets, Bitcoin is rather simple to acquire, which allows anyone with a simple understanding of computers and the web to “invest in it.”

Bitcoin startup 21 Inc. CEO Balaji Srinivasan describes Bitcoin as the first distributed startup for this sole characteristic, because users don’t need to be an accredited investors to buy in.” Srinivasan says, “It has all the same properties of a startup: looks dumb initially, roller coaster ride, PR crises, many competitors – and massive upside.”

He further adds that digital currencies like Bitcoin removes any excuse for anyone for not trying, because of its unique features that allows users to purchase and sell instantanouely.

“Everybody likes to think they’d have put $25k into Facebook in ’04. But digital currency as a category removes any excuse for not trying,” added Srinivasan.

Since 2012, the performance of the Bitcoin price has surpassed the growth of the most innovative companies, most notably Apple, Google, Facebook and Tesla, which all have seen a consistent exponential increase in revenues.

As mentioned by Y Combinator member Santiago Siri, the value of Bitcoin increased by nearly 4700% over the past four years, outperforming the above-mentioned companies with distant margins.
With the price of Bitcoin recording an average US$580 across all exchanges internationally this week and the short term trajectory most likely being US$600, it is an ideal time for any investor to be a part of Bitcoin and invest in it before it explodes in value as it did over the past few years.

Image Source: Forbes

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