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21 inc’s Mobile App Lets Users Earn Bitcoin By Completing Small Tasks


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A lot of people are still wondering how they can go about earning their first Bitcoin. 21 Inc, the company behind the Bitcoin Computer, has come up with a new mobile application that lets users earn small amounts of Bitcoin. All users have to do is completing a set of small tasks, allowing them to earn Bitcoin at any given time without issues.

The New 21 Inc Mobile App

Earning Bitcoin can be done in a wide variety of ways, although some methods are less profitable than they used to be. The new 21 Inc mobile app aims to provide users with small amounts of Bitcoin by completing mini-tasks on their mobile device. So far, it appears this app is available to everyone in the world, which is nice to see.

Do not expect to make a boatload of money by completing these tasks, even though most of them will be somewhat rewarding. One Reddit user pointed out how going through the tutorial allowed him to earn US$1.6, although cashing out money will require a slightly higher balance. So far, it remains a bit unclear what this limit may be, though.

The first impressions of this app seem to hint at a lot of social media involvement while completing tasks. That is not entirely surprising, as it helps spread the word about the 21 Inc as a company, and lets people share their Bitcoin earning experiences. That is, assuming one has available tasks to complete, which seems to be somewhat of a problem for a lot of users right now.

Moreover, it appears users have to link their LinkedIn account to request a withdrawal. This means the application will not allow users to remain anonymous by any means, which will be a major downer for a lot of Bitcoin enthusiasts. One would have an easier time collecting Bitcoin payments from faucets, as those require no personal or social media information whatsoever.

While a lot of people may be disappointed by what this mobile application has to offer, it is another positive move by 21 Inc. Getting more people acquainted with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is of the utmost importance. Moreover, it is possible this platform is designed for the community to create new Bitcoin tasks other can complete over time. Virtually every project operated by 21 Inc is focused on education and collaboration, and this mobile app could fall into the same category.

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