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3 Altcoins That Will Dominate The Market Towards The Next Bull Run (NOT, ALGT, AVAX)


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Savvy investors are looking for altcoins with the potential to outperform and dominate the DeFi market. Among the myriad options, three altcoins stand out: Notcoin (NOT), Algotech (ALGT), and Avalanche (AVAX). Are these the best altcoins for next bull run? Keep it here to find out.

Notcoin Donates $6.8M to Telegram: Fuels a 231.80% Price Surge

Notcoin, an interactive tap-to-earn game project within The Open Network (TON) ecosystem, in the third week of May 2024, announced a generous donation of 1,030,383,291.36 NOT, worth around $6.8 million to the messaging app Telegram and its founder, Pavel Durov.

How did Notcoin react to this news? Between the third week of May and the first week of June, NOT jumped from $0.006968 to $0.02312, showcasing a 231.80% climb within a month. Can Notcoin sustain this upward trajectory? According to analysts, NOT is set to trade at $0.0636 by the end of 2024 and with that, Notcoin will exhibit a 175% rise from NOT’s price of $0.02312.

Does this make Notcoin the best crypto to buy now? Perhaps, but let’s find out how Algotech performs against it.

Get In Early: ALGT $0.08 Tokens Promise a 25% ROI in Next Stage

Algotech’s presale is tearing up the crypto scene, having already bagged $6 million. Currently in its bonus stage, the token price is selling at $0.08, promising early birds a potential 25% ROI in the next stage, where the value is expected to rise to $0.10. Algotech isn’t just revamping its trading methods; it’s orchestrating a full-on tech symphony. Leaning on cutting-edge intelligence and savvy strategies, this platform is the ultimate blend of diverse trading plans, robust tech, and top-notch risk management—qualities that have ALGT enthusiasts buzzing with excitement.

Transparency, scalability, and ethical AI? Algotech’s got it all: reducing bias and building trust in the crypto world. With a toolkit that includes momentum trading, mean reversion, breakout trades, and arbitrage, Algotech is designed to cater to everyone from greenhorns to seasoned pros. If you are looking for the best crypto to buy now, ALGT makes a great choice. Investors are loving it, and it’s easy to see why.

AVAX Price Dips 15.14% After Web3 Content Creator House Announcement

OP3N, a Web3 content provider, teamed up with Avalanche, the leading smart contracts platform, and Avax DAO, the organization backing Avalanche’s growth, to introduce the groundbreaking Web3 Content Creator House.

This announcement, during the third week of May 2024, triggered a 15.14% decline as AVAX fell from $41.16 to $34.93. As this was not the expected outcome, will Avalanche rebound soon? Experts believe so as they predict AVAX’s price to soar to $94.87, registering a 171.60% surge from its value of $34.93.

This is not Avalanche’s best work, but the optimistic price prediction does hold a spot for AVAX in 2024’s crypto market.

Algotech Invests $1.2M in NVIDIA H100 GPUs to Supercharge AI Trading Engine

Algotech (ALGT) has invested $1.2 million in cutting-edge H100 GPUs from NVIDIA to supercharge its AI engine, enhancing speed and intelligence. This strategic move underscores Algotech’s commitment to leading-edge technology and providing top-tier trading tools. The H100 GPUs are designed for rapid data processing and superior pattern recognition, significantly boosting machine learning capabilities. As a result, ALGT holders can expect faster data processing, more accurate predictions, and smarter trading decisions.

Algotech has raised $ 6,062,398.120 since the public presale started, with 151,559,953 tokens sold. ALGT is selling at $0.08 in its bonus stage, and the price is expected to surge in the upcoming stage before it launches on major exchanges. As early investors anticipate more than 1000x ROI once the presale ends, we feel assured it will become one of the most successful tokens in the crypto market.

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