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3 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in Now that the Fear and Greed Index is Neutral


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The Fear and Greed Index is neutral, so investors are looking for the next big opportunity in the crypto market. Among the various possibilities available, three cryptocurrencies stand out due to their potential: Solana (SOL), Ethereum (ETH), and Data Exchange Token. 

In this post, we’ll examine why these three cryptocurrencies are worth considering for your investing portfolio and what differentiates them from the others. Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting, this can help you make well-informed decisions in the quickly changing crypto world.

Ethereum responds to Fed’s rate decision

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell recently declared that the U.S. central bank would uphold existing interest rates, triggering notable reactions in cryptocurrency markets. This decision reflects the Fed’s ongoing strategy of closely monitoring economic conditions before considering alterations to interest rates. 

Powell highlighted the challenges of attaining the Fed’s 2% inflation target, advocating for patience and vigilant observation. After the announcement, prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana witnessed immediate value surges. 

Bitcoin, for example, spiked by 5% to reach $59,440, before stabilizing at $57,100. Ethereum and Solana followed similar trajectories, experiencing initial increases before settling at slightly lower levels. This sequence underscores the market’s responsiveness to economic policies and its volatility in reaction to significant financial authority announcements.

Zeus network to launch ZPL connecting Bitcoin and Solana

Zeus Network plans to launch the Zeus Program Library (ZPL) in the third quarter of 2024, aiming to bridge the Solana (SOL) and Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystems seamlessly. Through ZPL, developers can integrate Solana support into decentralized applications, overcoming previous challenges posed by Bitcoin’s limitations. ZPL-Assets, both fungible and non-fungible, will enable various digital interactions on Solana, including DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi.

This integration presents significant potential, with an estimated market cap of $1.2 trillion. In its inaugural week, over 11,000 Runes generated more than $135 million in fees, indicating robust activity within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Central to ZPL is the bridging protocol, Apollo, allowing users to deposit Bitcoin and receive ZPL-wrapped zBTC tokens. These tokens can be utilized across various Solana platforms, including decentralized exchanges, NFT marketplaces, lending, borrowing, and gaming sectors.

Future expansions include introducing ZPL-supported assets on Solana, like zRuneX and zOrdX, and enabling Bitcoin staking on the Apollo mainnet. Supported by industry figures such as Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko and Stacks co-founder Muneeb Ali, Zeus Network aims to enhance the flexibility and utility of digital assets across both blockchain networks. 

DTX Exchange presale heats up, best time to invest

DTX Exchange is making waves in the presale scene with a promising 25X ROI for early backers. After a whopping $2 million raised in its private seed sale, its presale is on fire, surpassing $475,000 in just a week. Stage 1 is set to sell out early, with investors eager to grab DTX tokens at $0.04 before they hit $0.06.

With its hybrid trading platform blending centralized and decentralized features, DTX Exchange is set to revolutionize crypto trading. No KYC requirements and distributed liquidity pools make trading smooth, while a 1000X leverage option promises high returns with low capital.

DTX Exchange’s community-centric approach, featuring non-custodial wallets, ensures user ownership and security. Analysts predict a massive price spike post-listing, with the token expected to surpass $3, offering a potential 150X opportunity in 2024.

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