Everyone is talking about the blockchain now and it is easier to enter this new market than you think. Take small amount of your savings, choose the currency that has a great approach and idea. It’s that simple. FuturoCoin – the new currency of the future – can become the guide to the world of blockchain technology and be useful for everyday use.  

FuturoCoin is a P2P system cryptocurrency, that entered the market on 31st January 2018. It’s a legit business opportunity. The coin is already available for trading at YoBit, Coindeal, Piyasa and reached $255k trading volume at the first one of them.

FuturoCoin has been developed on the basis of another cryptocurrency DASH but has several features that differs it from the initial code and functionality:

Instant payments

FuturoCoin is the first cryptocurrency, where all transactions are instant. It takes 4 second to confirm the transaction in comparison with DASH, where it takes up to 15 minutes. Now you can make daily payments faster than ever.

Low transaction fees

Transaction fees within FuturoCoin are low and constant. No matter how many coins you send – the fee stays the same. It also allows to have up to 10 inputs or outputs in 1 transaction with no changes of the fee. Pay for your flat, utilities services and car insurance in 1 click and pay only one fixed transaction fee rather than three.


FuturoCoin has created a transparent system but with a high level of security. Personal data are secure and protected from frauds. The code of the currency is opened and available for the users. It proves the authenticity of the project as scams don’t provide even a part of the code, they simply don’t care about the technology.

FuturoCoin is a great financial instrument that can be used by travelers to make payments during their vacations or freelancers to get money for work. It is convenient for shopping and daily payments. The main goal of FuturoCoin is to build a solid reliable payment system that can be used all over the globe.

More information about FuturoCoin is available at the website.

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