Platforms associated with Bitcoin Cash constantly evolve LocalBitcoinCash is quite interesting in this regard. The company provides convenient ways to buy and sell BCH, which is a great step forward. It now seems there is a new feature for users to request any work to be completed in exchange for BCH.

LocalBitcoinCash has become a quite popular platform recently The service lets users buy and sell BCH in exchange for convenient payment solutions. As such, it is of great interest to users who want to experiment with this alternate form of Bitcoin. Expanding upon the existing platform is not all that easy, though. There will be no support for additional currencies, which is only normal.

A Smart Move by LocalBitcoinCash

At the same time, the platform has introduced a new feature. More specifically, there is a feature to request work and pay for it with BCH. That in itself is quite interesting for many different reasons. It adds a ton of potential use cases for Bitcoin Cash, which can only be considered to be a good thing. Getting people to spend this currency is always a priority.

Moreover, this new feature allows anyone to earn Bitcoin Cash as well. LocalBitcoinCash is making some important strides in this regard. Getting this currency into the hands of more people is always an option worth exploring. It is much easier said than done, though. This new feature opens up a ton of different opportunities. The question is whether or not users will actually tap into this new market.

It is evident good things continue to happen for Bitcoin Cash. This altcoin continues to make its mark on the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. One wonders why LocalBitcoins doesn’t offer a similar feature as of right now. It is certainly worth exploring, as we need more people to work in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

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