The opinions on Bitcoin Cash are always interesting to keep an eye on. Not everyone sees the merit of this particular altcoin. According to Nick Szabo, Bitcoin Cash is a centralized sock puppetry. A rather interesting statement, although one that certainly shows there are some concerns to take into account.

To put all of this into perspective, the discussion revolves around Bitcoin Cash nodes. Similar to Bitcoin, it seems the majority of nodes are somewhat centralized as of right now. That in itself is pretty worrisome, although not really surprising. As one would expect, most of them are hosted on Alibaba’s cloud and AWS. In the Bitcoin world, we see quite similar trends for quite some time now.

Nick Szabo Seemingly Dislikes Bitcoin Cash

This has prompted Nick Szabo to issue a remarkable comment. Referring to BCH as a “centralized sock puppetry” is quite a remarkable turn of events, albeit one that is not entirely incorrect. Then again, Bitcoin is a centralized sock puppetry as well. Even NEO has the same problem, not to mention other cryptocurrencies.

It is unclear why Nick Szabo has such a dislike for Bitcoin Cash. This node problem is not unique to BCH by any means. In fact, it has been a problem for Bitcoin for as long as people remember. There are other reasons why this particular altcoin can still succeed. To date, it is still faster and cheaper than Bitcoin in a fair few cases. That can be achieved even with a centralized node infrastructure.

The comments on the tweet by Nick Szabo are rather intriguing. Whether or not this will put BCH in a negative light, seems highly unlikely. There is no decentralization of nodes in any cryptocurrency ecosystem. People will always flock to third parties first and foremost. That is the unfortunate truth which does not just affect Bitcoin Cash.  Solving the problem will require a lot of work, though.

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