Most cryptocurrency users are familiar with the concept of Abra. This particular cryptocurrency firm aims to make investing in cryptocurrencies a lot easier for consumers. While the company has seen great success with Bitcoin and Ethereum, support for more altcoins has now been added. On the list of supported currencies are some interesting names.

For companies such as Abra, looking beyond Bitcoin is an absolute must. The world of cryptocurrency encompasses thousands of coins, tokens, and assets. Albeit all of them are linked to Bitcoin, they also have their own ecosystem and use cases. Adding the useful currencies to a platform such as Abra will help legitimize these assets’ value.

More Altcoin Support for Abra Users

As such, Abra has done exactly that. Their list of newly supported currencies includes Bitcoin Gold, Stellar, Status, Stratis, and so forth. None of these currencies are considered “major” per se, although it is evident the company took a close look at their market cap and technology first and foremost. All of these currencies offer something the other doesn’t, which complements the company’s service quite nicely.

It seems all of these currencies will benefit from the same features Bitcoin and Ethereum receive through Abra. It becomes convenient to buy, store, and invest in all supported currencies through the company’s mobile application. With these additions being added to the list, the company is going down an interesting path.

For now, we have to wait and see how the community responds to these new additions. Although Bitcoin Gold and Stellar are somewhat popular, the other currencies are a bit hit-and-miss right now. Even so, Abra sees merit in these currencies, thus it is possible the decision will pay off. Letting consumers diversify their investment portfolios is never a bad thing.

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