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Is Jack Liao Responsible for the Bitcoin Gold Network Attack?


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There is a lot of speculation regarding the Bitcoin Gold issues. Some sources claim a mining pool attacked the network. Others claim it was Bitmain deploying additional ASICs to take over the network. It is equally possible Jack Liao himself is responsible for this development. Or that is what Jihan Wu wants people to consider, at least.

The Bitcoin Gold network issues are quite worrisome. Whenever someone performs a 51% attack, all kinds of issues arise. They can block transactions or even perform double or triple spends. Moreover, the mining ecosystem also comes under a lot of pressure. It is unclear if and how the current situation will be resolved. So far, the BTG developers have not effectively come up with a plan of action.

The Bitcoin Gold Issue Sparks Debates

All of this leads to a lot of speculation. More specifically, people want to figure out who is responsible for this latest attack. Right now, no one is any the wiser regarding the culprit or a potential motive. The end result remains the same: Bitcoin Gold is in a very bad place right now.  It is pertinent the developers address these problems, yet they are incapable or unwilling to do so right now.

Jihan Wu has come up with an interesting theory. In his opinion, Jack Liao may be responsible for attacking Bitcoin Gold. For those unaware, Liao is the co-founder of Bitcoin Gold. Attacking his own creation wouldn’t necessarily serve a purpose. At the same time, it’s an interesting way of stealing funds from the community without much suspicion. Even so, the question remains what Liao would achieve by taking this course of action.

It is evident people are genuinely concerned about BTG. In its current state, this hard fork of Bitcoin Cash serves no real purpose whatsoever. As long as the 51% attack remains a problem, no one should rust the network. Jihan Wu’s theory seems outlandish, but also interesting. It explains why this problem has not been addressed in a proper manner.

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