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4NEW Token: “Coin Utility” at its Best


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Coin Utility, two words often thrown around frequently, however, seldom understood or applied appropriately. With over 900 ICOs currently underway, how does one filter the rest from the best. Perhaps, the most crucial filter is one that makes Bitcoin successful. Bitcoin, is a cryptocurrency and therefore like any currency its fungible.

Most ICOs, have great marketing campaigns, good looking sites, even great business ideas. However, they fail to identify a clear path to demonstrating fungibility. This lack of fungibility is cryptocurrency’s achilles’ heel and perhaps its biggest failure. Once the masses identify this fatal flaw to be prevalent in most alt coins, the cryptocurrency trend will most likely burst and come to an end. While those that were able to demonstrate fungibility will survive the bubble bursting and be the leaders of tomorrow, nevertheless the rest will be gone like the dinosaurs. This would explain why Bitcoin is experiencing record price hikes; because people identify its fungibility, coin utility and therefore store of value and digital gold ideas emerge.

So how does one attain fungibility, given that it drives the difference between success and failure? Fungibility is powered by coin utility. The ability to use a coin in multiple places as payment or tender for services rendered. This is what makes the coin store value and act as a transferring or transacting agent. Very few alt coins have focused on this key feature. Consequently, their pricing drops to nothing once listed on an exchange down to pennies and then most of us are left wondering what just happened. A helium inflated balloon; fast deflated. Very few offerings ongoing currently have been able to distinguish themselves apart in this regard.

Our research desk stumbled upon one ICO, namely 4NEW. The entire business model of 4NEW is reverse engineered for coin utility and fungibility. For example, 4NEW, which has raised 30+ Million USD in institutional funding to build a Waste to Energy plant from traditional / conventional funding avenues, recently launched its crowd-sale for a $9.5MM hard cap limit with 7 days remaining to the end of their ICO.

The Waste to Energy plant not only solves two social concerns, waste surplus and energy shortfall, however it also ensures widespread coin adoption. All future sales generated from the Waste to Energy plant will be transacted over the 4NEW blockchain with the ability to make and accept timed payments between businesses. The FRNCoin (4NEW’s cryptocurrency) will have a strong foundation of demand baked into the coin, offering pricing stability and consistent liquidity in the coin. In addition, like any successful cryptocurrency, 4NEW has observed swift adoption of its coin well in advance of the launch of its first plant.

Starting 2018, the coin is slated for acceptance in the following industries, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Health Insurance, Telecommunications, Credit Card processing and Money Transfer services. This pattern of adding new participants is expected to continue at a feverish pace through 2018. As 4NEW continues to add more  business consumers to its coin, a Top-Down approach to widespread utilization will begin. This will permeate through to the masses overtime, which will lead to another successful cryptocurrency very similar to Bitcoin. The only difference between Bitcoin and 4NEW is actually the adoption approach. Bitcoin experienced a Bottom-UP strategy, therefore more grass roots approach. That usually takes longer to attain, however it is also responsible for the masses to have awareness and widely accept cryptocurrency today. Like its predecessor, 4NEW will also act like a store of value overtime, however, its adoption approach is Top-Down approach. The credibility of this offering is further cemented by their recent affiliation with the Imperial College of London, a 110 year academic institution with a pedigree track record.

While there can be no guarantees of the future or outcomes, however, this coin has a strong probability of being one of the lasting examples of the future success stories within the crypto community.


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