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8 Major Establishments Accepting Payments in Bitcoin


The financial world has been changed to its core ever since online payments and digital currencies have been publicly introduced. Over the course of several years, established payment processing companies have entered the field of online payments and created numerous opportunities for online shoppers.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have witnessed an even more rapid rise in popularity. The Slots Million reviews prove that there are some major platforms which haven’t included it among their banking options, but the list is getting smaller as more and more companies are turning pro-Bitcoin. You can simply access some of the sites offering the most reliable Mr. Green reviews and get the latest information about platforms accepting this mode of payment. Until then, read on to see which other establishments allow Bitcoin payments.


  1. DISH Network

The satellite TV network provider called DISH is one of the first to allow their users to pay for their network services using this cryptocurrency. Their initial announcement was made around May 2014, once they had partnered with Coinbase in order to allow Bitcoin transactions.

  1. Microsoft

By the end of 2014, the tech giant Microsoft readily acknowledged Bitcoin as a currency and accepted it among its payment methods. Plus, they even created a whole Azure Blockchain platform using the principles of Bitcoin in order to provide a better financial management solution for big corporations.

  1. Dell

It seems that Bitcoin is most welcome among establishments in the tech sphere, and the international computer manufacturing company Dell is no exception to the trend. Their customers had been able to use Bitcoin as a payment method since July 2014 thanks to the company’s partnership with Coinbase.

  1. Expedia

Establishments from other areas of business have joined the Bitcoin community, as evident since June 2014 when the largest online travel agency added it to its list of banking options. Nowadays, Expedia customers can spend their Bitcoin wealth to book hotels, flights and travel activities.

  1. Overstock.com

Overstock is another Coinbase partner, allowing Bitcoin payments on their online retail platform. Since January 2014, everything offered on the site can be paid using this cryptocurrency.

  1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in modern times. It allows merchants to create personal online stores where they can sell their items or offer services and accept online payments for that. Bitcoin was included as a payment option since November 2013, making them one of the first establishments to take such a step.

  1. Steam

The No. 1 online gaming platform Steam has partnered with BitPay, just like Shopify, to allow all its users to access and purchase the games using Bitcoin among other currencies.

  1. Save the Children

‘Save the Children’ is a worldwide charity organization that mainly deals with issues such as Education, Disaster relief and Healthcare. In their aim to improve children’s quality of life on a global scale, they have decided to accept donations made in Bitcoin through a personalized BitPay donation webpage.

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