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A Crypto Investor Who Made Millions on Altcoins in the Last Bull Run Believes This Altcoin Will Go 500x in This Bull Run


In the Wild West of crypto, fortunes are made by those with the keenest eyes and firmest hands. And when a grizzled veteran – a crypto OG who struck gold during the last bull run – starts whispering about the next big thing, you’d better perk up those ears.

What’s this name everyone’s shouting? None other that NFTFN!

The Whispers of Wealth with NFTFN’s Presale

According to this seasoned investor whose altcoin plays during the previous run would have had Midas blushing, there is real money in an innovative platform called NFTFN with its marquee offering being SuperNova (SNV).

For starters, SNV is a never-seen-before floor-price perpetual index for NFTs that is about to open up new frontiers in a multi-billion dollar market for them. We’re talking blue-chip NFTs like BAYC, MAYC, Azuki and more at affordable prices without having to go through individual asset management.

But wait till you hear this one folks. This bad boy has some serious hedging chops as well as liquidity. Robust risk management? Check. Unmatched liquidity through orderbook-based perpetual DEX? Double check.

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The 500x Prophecy: A Bold Claim from a Battle-Hardened Investor

Here comes the real kicker; during this bull run our crypto OG firmly states that NFTFN is ready for an insane 500x burst. Indeed 500 times upside—just think of such prospects of gains as would make mature men grow weak in their knees.

And so what makes him make such daring predictions? The perfect storm created by several catalysts including:

  • An underrated market cap which doesn’t reflect how disruptive NFTFN can be.
  • Tokenomics tighter than a bull’s behind in fly season, with strategic allocations and vesting schedules.
  • Partnerships with crypto heavyweights like Polygon and Binance Smart Chain
  • A visionary roadmap that includes integrating real-world assets (RWAs) into the mix

Your Chance to Feast on Gains

According to our crypto sage, we’re still in the early innings of the NFT revolution. That means NFTFN, with its groundbreaking vision and execution, is perfectly positioned to ride this wave and deliver staggering returns to those who get in early.

So, what’ll it be, partner? Are you going to hitch your wagon to this shooting star and potentially strike it rich? Or are you content to watch from the sidelines as others cash in on the NFT perpetual futures gold rush?

The choice is yours, but as they say in the crypto saloons: “You snooze, you lose.” Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

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