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A mid-cap Token with 10x Potential: Why You Should Invest


Are you excitedly searching for high-growth cryptocurrency opportunities? With its unique features and strong community backing, Bitgert is an appealing mid-cap coin that has the potential to increase your investment tenfold. These two factors are what make this high achiever so special. Let’s take a closer look at Bitgert’s features and what the ecosystem has to offer.

What is The Bitgert Token?

Bitgert ($BRISE) is a cryptographic engineering project that was launched explicitly in July 2021, building blockchain products for its very own centralized exchange. Initially built on BNB Chain, Bitgert would have its significant development done in 2022: BRC20— with near-zero gas fees of $0.0000001 per transaction— supporting up to 100,000 TPS.

The Bitgert ecosystem includes Bitgert Blockchain, Bitgert Exchange, Paybrise payment system, Real Estate Marketplace, Decentralized Marketplace, $BRISE Staking, and $BRISE Swap (a DEX alternative to PancakeSwap). The native $BRISE token allows staking to get BUSD rewards on the BSC network.

It is deflationary as it charges 5% on the transaction charge for a buyback, 3% on marketing, and 4% on staking rewards. In summary, the maximum supply is one quadrillion $BRISE, minted at launch: 50% burned initially, 38% for liquidity, 7% for development/marketing, and 5% for the dev team.

Bitgert’s goal is to attain P2P transactions using $BRISE integrated DApp Wallets as a global payment method. The anonymous team will identify itself soon and register a legal identity.

Bitgert’s Partnerships and Collaborations

Bitgert has been expanding its ecosystem through strategic partnership and integration. Lately, the Bitgert team partnered with Chainlink to integrate secure data feeds, Nucypher to upscale features regarding privacy and security, and Band Protocol to source from a wide range of real-world data.

Particularly notable, however, is the recent partnership between Bitgert itself and Cosmos—an ecosystem of blockchains intentionally designed for the attainment of scalability, interoperability, and sovereignty. The grandness, in this case, is brought about by the fact that the collaboration will make cross-chain communication something extraordinary, enabling the transfer of assets between the Bitgert blockchain and the Cosmos ecosystem, ultimately resulting in heightening interoperability to new levels and opening up the potential for use cases.

To realize that, Bitgert has partnered with Polkadot, the next-generation blockchain protocol for multi-chain applications. For that, Bitgert can utilize the advanced parachain architecture of Polkadot, which empowers Bitgert’s blockchain with shared security, governance, and cross-chain communication capabilities.

It has also partnered with the Ontology project related to high performance and a public project with a distributed trust ecosystem. This will further facilitate the creation of decentralized identity solutions, therefore adding privacy and trust to the Bitgert ecosystem.

It can be seen in the record number of transactions taking place on the blockchain and the growing traffic in a whole new field of decentralized applications. Solidifying Bitgert’s spot as a top blockchain innovator, these partnerships fuel real benefits to the community and global users in enhanced interoperability, scalability, privacy, and trust.


Bitgert is a front-leading technology, strategic partnership, and a booming ecosystem. It gives the blockchain space much muscle. Bitgert is a solution provider, a real benefit, in both use and investment, to users through innovation and success in being community-driven. A bright journey is looking forward to Bitgert, carrying the potential of rewards as it sails along.

To know more about Bitgert, Visit https://bitgert.com

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