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A New Platform to Enable Communication Between Ethereum Enterprises Is in Development


The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is looking to bring about new ways in which the Ethereum blockchain can be utilized for private businesses.

Can Ethereum-Based Businesses Work Together?

One of the main issues encountered in the Ethereum space is that while several businesses and platforms utilize Ethereum technology, very few of them can communicate with each other. Paul DiMarzio – director of community for the EEA – commented that while many enterprises have sought out Ethereum’s capabilities in developing their platforms and services, it’s easy to miss certain factors that prevent companies from engaging in full interoperability.

He states:

Early on in technology families, people do often make assumptions of interoperability, but when you put these pieces together in an app, they don’t work.

The EEA is looking to change this through the launch of what’s slated to be a “middle ground” product known as White Block Genesis. This platform will test new Ethereum-based applications to ensure they are working on the same levels and nodes, thereby allowing communication to occur in the future.

DiMarzio explains:

We are providing a place where clients can start to get their feet wet in a testing environment and then, towards the end of the year, will provide the actual ability to certify against those specifications. Then, we can stamp things as being EEA certified and branded and have the guarantee of interoperability as opposed to an assumption.

With new standards in place, every new application can work on the same level. Zak Cole, the CEO of White Block, will assume a new role as the chair of the EEA Testing and Certification Working Group. He said so long as businesses seek the abilities and technology of Ethereum, testing will remain constant, and the organization can remain in place:

Even if we have some tech specs finalized, people are going to want to be able to experiment within a low-risk environment.

The certification program is also being designed to alleviate some of the heavy rivalry that allegedly exists between specific Ethereum-based platforms. Two warring platforms potentially include JPMorgan’s Quorum and Hyperledger Besu. Dan Heyman – head of PegaSys – explained what some of that rivalry is about:

Some scenarios include public transactions, private transactions, permissions, block validation and the IBFT consensus mechanism. An EEA certification program is being talked about for potentially the end of 2020.

Trying to Get Everything in Place

DiMarzio also explained that the EEA is now working with the Ethereum Foundation to ensure that the protocol it’s seeking to implement meets the present standards of the Ethereum 2.0 public blockchain:

The EEA test net is intended for members to run applications that follow current EEA specifications. PoW and PoS are consensus algorithms, and the current EEA client spec does not dictate what specific consensus algorithm must be used.

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