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A Review of TurboXBT


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Platform Name: TurboXBT
Platform URL: https://turboxbt.com/
Parent Company: Turbo Ticks Technology Limited
Location: Republic of Seychelles
Registered Address: House of Francis, Room 303, Ile Du Port, Mahe, Seychelles
Regulated: No
Demo Account: Available
Type: Short term contract trading platform
Supported Instruments: Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Indices and Forex
Supported Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, Bahasa, Turkish, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Bangla, Thai


TurboXBT is a simple, easy-to-use synthetic short-term contract trading platform for both beginner and experienced traders. The platform enables users to place quick trades that involve speculation of asset price trends for supported instruments. With its unique offering, TurboXBT enables users to make quick profits with minimal risk by predicting whether the price of a certain asset is going to increase or decrease from the current levels within a certain duration. Making it further attractive is the ultra-low entry barrier for participation as users can open their positions for as less as $1.


The TurboXBT platform is available as a web application that can be accessed on any browser. Once logged in, users are welcomed by a dashboard consisting of a prominently displayed interactive market chart that is flanked by account controls to the left and trading interface to the right.

There are conveniently placed dropdown menus on the interface for users to select the markets and currency of choice to start predicting the price movement. The prediction interface itself is quite simple, with pre-set prediction intervals/contract durations that can be selected, followed by a field where one can enter the desired wager amount. Based on the selection, the platform will indicate the applicable potential profit percentage for successful prediction. With all set, users can predict whether the price will increase or decrease from the current position by the end of set interval by choosing either the red or green buttons for “DOWN” and “UP” respectively.

The placed order and corresponding price movement will be clearly displayed on the live market chart. If the user’s prediction comes true, then they will earn profits corresponding to the percentage mentioned at the time of order placement. On the other hand, if the prediction comes wrong then the placed wager will be deducted from the account balance.

The chart prices on TurboXBT are derived and plotted based on the top-of-the-book bid quotes received from the platform’s liquidity providers. The contract duration may vary for different markets.

Account Opening

Simplicity is at the core of TurboXBT’s offering. Sticking to the philosophy, the platform makes the account opening process a lot easier than creating one’s email address. In order to open an account on TurboXBT, all one needs is a valid email address. Users can sign up with their email, set a password and confirm the email address.

By reducing the barrier to registration to a bare minimum, TurboXBT makes it easier for anyone to join and start familiarizing themselves with the crypto markets and earn profits while doing so. In addition, the trading experience on TurboXBT can be more of a fun pastime than a serious affair.

Deposits and Withdrawals

TurboXBT is a crypto-only platform with straightforward deposit and withdrawal options. After signing up, users can choose to deposit funds into their accounts using any of the supported cryptocurrencies. The platform currently supports deposits in BTC, ETH, and ERC-20 based USDT and USDC tokens. Depending on the currency they are depositing, users can access its respective wallet address from within the account and initiate the transaction.

Similar to deposits, withdrawals on TurboXBT are limited to the four supported cryptocurrencies. Users can choose the crypto in which they wish to withdraw funds from their account and select the wallet address to which the funds need to be sent. Before initiating a withdrawal, users should whitelist the wallet address to which they will be receiving the funds for added security.

While most of the fund transfers are near-instant, the platform’s security features may cause a slight delay in large volume transactions as it scrutinizes and authorizes such transfers to ensure no foul play.


The withdrawal verification is just one of the many security features implemented by TurboXBT. The platform follows the best industry practices to ensure the user funds and accounts are always safe. The crypto assets held on the platform are secured by a TOTP-based two-factor authentication solution that requires users to enter the passcode generated by Google Authenticator to perform various crucial actions including signing in, changing passwords, initiating withdrawals etc.

The platform also users a combination of hot and cold wallets to manage the crypto funds. Most of the user funds are always stored securely in cold wallets while maintaining adequate liquidity in hot wallets to ensure uninterrupted operations. With an uptime of 99.9%, users can open contracts on TurboXBT round the clock.


TurboXBT is an ideal platform for both beginner and experienced traders. Beginners on TurboXBT will get to understand the market dynamics by predicting the price movement of various assets. They can start with the demo account to familiarize themselves with the product and gradually start placing small wagers in real-time. Eventually they will be confident enough to predict more aggressively and earn a decent profit in the process. Meanwhile, experienced traders get to enjoy a platform in their pastime where they can put their knowledge of the markets to use and benefit from it.

To start predicting prices, join TurboXBT at – https://turboxbt.com/


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