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Aaron Ford: I’ll Protect All Nevadans from Crypto Scams


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Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford has sworn to protect all residents of his state from crypto scams, and he’s putting out notices to everyone to tell them what they can do to avoid becoming victims.

Aaron Ford Vows to Protect People of His State

In a recent statement, Ford commented:

The safety of Nevada consumers is a top priority at my office. As technology becomes an increasingly integral part of our lives, scams involving digital currency are becoming more prevalent. We want Nevadans to know how cryptocurrency works and what they should watch out for to protect themselves and their families.

Crypto scams have been rather prominent as of late. Today, they are mostly taking on the form of romance scams, in which hackers and cyberthieves find would-be victims by traveling through dating sites and related platforms to find people looking for love or lasting partners. They narrow in on certain individuals and get to know them personally.

All seems fine and dandy at first and a victim seems to think they’ve found a soul mate of sorts. It’s not long before they’re coaxed into investing in a phony crypto platform, though they’re not aware that it’s fake. All seems legitimate and real, and they don’t want to disappoint the new friend they’ve made, so they put money into the platform, not knowing that everything is run by their new partner’s alleged ring of fellow cybercriminals.

Everything initially goes well in that their investments appear to be growing. They’re convinced to invest more, and before long, they’ve made more money than they ever thought possible. However, when they go to make a withdrawal, problems usually arise. They are told that they cannot do so unless they pay heavy fees or invest even more funds into the platform.

Eventually, they realize what happened and walk away with bruised egos, broken hearts, and empty pockets. It’s a rough situation to be in, no doubt. Ford also says that with so many more businesses in his state (and elsewhere) now becoming more crypto friendly, there are many hackers out there that have become savvy to how these companies operate and have adapted to their thievery methods so they can make off with customer funds, not just money from those looking for love.

How to Avoid Being a Victim

Ford is telling people what they can do to avoid falling for crypto scams. For one thing, they should never share their financial data with anyone they meet on a dating site. They can also perform due diligence regarding certain platforms to see if they’re real or not. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Lastly, they can surround themselves with plenty of friends and family that they can turn to for advice if they’re ever unsure about what will happen.

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