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Actor Ben McKenzie to Publish Anti-Crypto Book “Easy Money”


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Over the past few months, we have seen a string of celebrities looking to cash in on the cryptocurrency craze. Between Matt Damon, Reese Witherspoon, and Larry David, one could argue that celebs – no matter how much money they earn – will always look for ways to earn more, and crypto is providing them with an additional financial outlet. However, there’s one celebrity – Ben McKenzie – who’s also talking about crypto, but in a rather negative way.

Ben McKenzie Doesn’t Like Crypto

McKenzie is an actor known for his work on shows like “The O.C.” and “Gotham.” He is also a heavy-hitting and outspoken critic of crypto and blockchain. Not long ago, the actor partnered with Jacob Silverman, a journalist, to produce a string of articles that talked about the many alleged downsides of the growing crypto world. Now, McKenzie has a new book out he’s written with Silverman called “Easy Money,” in which he takes his dislike of bitcoin and digital assets to a higher level.

The book reportedly details all the people in the world that have been badly affected by the volatility that comes with digital assets. In an interview, McKenzie explained:

Finally, I’ve found a crypto project worth shilling: my book. ‘Easy Money’ is about two things: money and lying, and while I know a little about the former from my econ degree, it’s the latter that fascinates me. Maybe that’s why I do it for a living. In Abrams, Jacob and I have found the perfect partner: a highly respected publisher with global reach who can help two Brooklyn dads unravel the mysteries and absurdities of crypto. We will do our best not to bore you.

Silverman – who co-wrote the book with the television performer – also threw his two cents into the mix, explaining:

Since Ryan Atwood from ‘The O.C.’ unexpectedly slid into my DMs last August to ask if I wanted to have beers and talk crypto, I’ve had the thrill of discovering that a great actor is also a lively thinker who cares deeply about economic and social issues. I couldn’t be more excited to investigate the freewheeling world of crypto alongside Ben and a great team at Abrams.

What Qualifies This as a “Must Read?”

The book is set to be released by publishing company Abrams Press. Editorial director Jamison Stoltz mentioned in a statement:

The combination of Jacob’s reportorial skill and experience and Ben’s deep knowledge of the subject and what makes people tick is potent. Their writing on crypto has already cut through the hype, and ‘East Money’ is going to be a wildly entertaining must-read book on the biggest financial boom around. We see this as ‘The Big Short’ for the crypto era.

Prior to his work in the entertainment industry, McKenzie earned a degree in economics and foreign affairs from the University of Virginia.

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