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ADAMANT Messenger Update for iOS — ETH and ADM Transactions in Chats!


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As expected earlier from the project of the main blockchain messenger with the sounding name ” ADAMANT “, the development team just recently released the next global update for ADAMANT Messenger iOS app. Almost immediately after AppStore confirmation, there was an update in the team’s Medium blog, and by the end of the day the number of downloads had gone up to unprecedented numbers.

What is the reason for such an achievement, especially for a messenger directly related to cryptocurrency?


From the words of the developers, ADAMANT is not just a messenger — they strive to create a multifunctional system for personal and business communication. One of their goals is to implement means for instant exchange of cryptocurrencies and tokens in chats. And, looking on today’s results, these guys successfully implemented it in the latest versions of their apps.

Introducing an update of ADAMANT Messenger for iOS, was emphasized that the app now works approximately 33 times faster and users can send ADM (project infrastructure tokens) and ETH to each other.


Earlier this season, ADAMANT devs already implemented the sending of our own tokens (ADM) in the progressive web app (PWA) as well as ETH and Binance Coin (BNB). Thus, we can send all three of them wallet-to-wallet as well as right in chats. From the team’s Twitter page, it became clear, that this feature successfully passed all tests and received a positive feedback.

Thanks to the latest update, Apple device users can also send tokens via ADAMANT Messenger as we added sending of ADM and ETH in chats in the latest update for iOS.

The main advantage of this feature is its simplicity: you just use a regular messenger’s interface to send and receive transactions. In the Wallet section, you can withdraw your tokens to an external wallet. Since you can rename your contacts and have your own “address book”, you are safe from mistakes when typing a receiver’s address.

Therefore this feature allows you to pay for goods and services in one click as well as instantly send tokens and currencies to your friends and partners.

The fee for transactions in ADAMANT is 100 lower than in banks; sending ETH to any place on the planet costs 0.0004 ETH (~6 cents at the time of this writing).

Besides new types of transactions, this iOS update has another important feat, that wasn’t noticed by ADAMANT’s community, despite this is a huge technical step. The development team has rewritten JavaScript code to native Swift, and this allowed ~33 times faster loading and decrypting speed.

“We worked hard during these three months to release this update, and now proudly present the results.” — says iOS lead developer.


You can download ADAMANT Messenger for iOS in App Store.

ADAMANT has an open source code, that is completely public.

From the words of ADAMANT’s CEO, the team is planning to expand the messenger’s
features further, implementing new tokens and cryptocurrencies transfers, as well as other options.

Source: Official Update


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