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Former BTC Innovator from Afghanistan Muhammad Ali Is Fleeing for His Life


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The debacle in Afghanistan continues, and the incompetence of Joe Biden and his cronies in the U.S. is becoming more evident than ever. Figures like Muhammad Ali sought to bring a whole new level of crypto-based innovation to the country before the Taliban took over. Now, Ali finds himself not a crypto-based business developer, but a fugitive on the run.

Muhammad Ali Cannot Engage in BTC Activity in Afghanistan

In a recent interview, Ali claimed that he was fleeing Afghanistan and making his way to Turkey through Iran and other regions of the Middle East. Ali was forced to work his way around border guards and security searches along the way, making his journey even more difficult than it probably already was.

Turkey has seen its fair share of refugees over the years given that it is already home to about four million displaced Syrians. In addition, it is a hub for several Middle Easterners and other migrants looking to make their way into Europe. As a result, it is vamping up its border security as a means of keeping its people protected and preventing population swells.

However, some Afghans are still managing to make their way into the country, Ali being one of them. To get to Turkey, Ali says that he was stuck taking shelter in a drainage tunnel with about 50 other individuals crowding around him. He is presently looking to continue his trek west and eventually make it into European territory.

While in Afghanistan, Ali studied computer science in school and taught graphic design. He had a YouTube channel where he would post videos teaching others how they could invest in crypto and potentially make money on the Internet. He states:

I was planning a bitcoin or Ethereum mining business… Suddenly, everything changed, and the Taliban took over all of Afghanistan. There is no internet. If there is no internet, I cannot do my job there. If we had smartphones that had a camera, the Taliban wouldn’t allow it.

A Hard Trek for All Involved

Of course, reaching Turkey is a huge step forward for men like Ali, but things don’t get any easier once they reach the country. They are forced to make their way on foot from there. If they are lucky, they can take a bus or boat to the nearest town, though reliable transportation isn’t always easy to find.

Furthermore, despite reaching Turkey, they are constantly in danger of police checkpoints, where their “illegal” statuses will likely be discovered. Law enforcement may also engage in raids on their hideouts. Wais Muhammad Shehrzad – a 30-year-old migrant who left Afghanistan – explained the graphic details of the trek, saying that he had to pay traffickers $1,000 to get him out of the country and that he was often required to walk as much as 50 hours at a time with few rations.

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