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Africa-Based Crypto Exchange SAFCOIN Opens for Business


An African cryptocurrency exchange known has SAFCOIN has opened its doors for business, and the trading platform allegedly offers zero-fee trading to its customers.

SAFCOIN Is Ready for African Traders

SAFCOIN is reportedly one of the first exchanges to offer such a benefit. In addition, it provides users with what it calls an “easy and accessible” interface that should make trading as easy as one, two, three. The exchange has early and first-time traders in mind and is trying to make things as simple as possible for anyone in Africa looking to get their fingers on crypto funds.

CEO Neil Ferreira explains in a statement:

The cryptocurrency market has been on a positive trajectory globally. It’s exciting to see the increased adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Africa. We’re proud to be able to support this growth with current and future projects that we’re developing on the SAFCOIN blockchain.

Africa has become something of a “crypto continent” over the past few years. Recently, Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey commented that he was going to be leaving the United States for approximately three to six months in 2020 to live in Africa and potentially bring bitcoin and its benefits to the many peoples that called the continent home.

In addition, currencies such as Decred have experienced new popularity within African countries, while the nation of South Africa was the first region on the continent to establish mainstream cryptocurrency regulations for those looking to trade and sell digital assets.

The establishment of a cryptocurrency exchange will potentially heighten the status of crypto within Africa’s borders. As it stands, many users can purchase bitcoin and other digital assets with the use of a credit card or bank card. SAFCOIN has also stated that its main goal is to alleviate the process surrounding remittance payments, as many workers abroad must often go through many lengthy steps to get their money via traditional banking institutions.

SAFCOIN is also working with a company called Mobi Jobs and listing several employment opportunities on the venture’s site. Roughly 86 percent of employment within Africa is considered “informal” and does not exist through legitimate means. The exchange is looking to change that and bring those with technical know-how onboard a developing blockchain system.

Trying to Establish the Workforce

Ferreira commented:

Our goal with Mobi Jobs is to help individuals in Africa take their skills and talents global, and to empower small businesses to tap into a global skills pool as and when they need to. Through the platform, users can gain experience, build their internship hours while studying, ask for testimonials from businesses they’ve completed tasks for, and build relationships with companies across Africa. All this via a free cryptocurrency payment gateway that ensures they get paid quickly and securely, with zero transaction charges.

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