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Aimwise Ecosystem Announces Crowdsale as It Prepares to Launch an ICO Hosting Platform


Aimwise is an innovative project in the cryptocurrency domain striving to introduce transparency and accountability within the industry. The Aimwise project is on a mission to standardize the process of fundraising through ICOs and crowdsale to increase the success rate of projects while keeping the best interests of investors in mind.

Aimwise has recognized the various shortcomings in the way the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology companies go about doing their businesses. The ease of setting up an ICO and raising funds for any project has led to an exponential rise in the number of crowdsales organized by various teams.

The amounts of funds raised by some of the ICOs in the recent months has soared beyond imagination, attracting both seasoned and new investors alike. However, the lack of standardization and regulations make it hard for them to find enough information about the projects to make an informed investment decision. Amidst these challenges, anyone planning to make a quick buck can easily come up with a fraudulent scheme or a project and cheat the investors of their hard-earned money. To prevent that, Aimwise is currently in the process of developing truly decentralized ICO platform that ensures the projects are vetted, and investors are provided with relevant, unbiased information for decision-making purposes.

All projects that are to be listed on Aimwise’s ICO platform are reviewed by a publicly elected third-party rating agency to verify the project’s credibility. At the same time, Aimwise is also creating an idea incubation module as a part of its ecosystem where community members can exchange ideas, analyze data and come up with innovative products with community support.

Aimwise portfolio management system is the third module that allows investors to support projects listed on the ICO hosting platform by following the insights provided by data driven algorithms which offer them with a choice of investment strategies for projects listed on the platform.

With the help of these three modules, the Aimwise ecosystem introduces standards for projects opting for ICOs and maintains transparency throughout the process. AIM tokens drive the Aimwise ecosystem and as an instrument of value exchange.

The project is currently in a beta phase as the team continues to develop new features. In order to support the development and deployment, the platform is going to run an ICO campaign in September 2017.


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