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AirPod: The Future of Public Relaxation Pods


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For a long time, the issue of privacy in public areas has always been a challenge. However, the developers of the AirPod project may have finally come up with a solution to this issue.

For those in need of a place where they can sleep, work, and relax while in public, the AirPod capsule is perfect. The capsule has been fitted with modern technologies that make it possible for users to undertake various tasks in privacy and comfort.

The project started two years ago. Mihael Meolic, a co-founder of the project called Grega Mrgole over the phone, during a plane ride and said,

I wish there was some kind of capsule, where I can lay down, where I can make my work done, where I can relax and wait for the next flight.

After a few months of brainstorming, they decided to come up with this project.

The Current State of Affairs

The current solutions for privacy in public areas are not effective. For the private space, there are usually terminal chairs or a lounge area for which you have to pay. For sleeping, you usually need to book a hotel nearby. The project took time to analyze the privacy pods that are in existence. However, they were not impressed by what they saw. Most existing privacy pods are quite deficient and are only used for sleeping but not working. Most of these pods are usually tiny and dark. In fact, some have likened them to being inside a coffin.

Join the ICO!

The ICO is an opportunity for everyone to be part of something great. The good thing about this ICO is that it is backed by a real business. During the ICO, the APOD token will be used to raise funds. These tokens will initially be used within the AirPods distributed globally. Users of AirPod Capsules can choose to pay for it in APOD tokens. In the Sponsorship Program, which will launch in the second phase, holders of the tokens will be allowed to exchange their tokens for the right to take part in profits generated by an AirPod in any location. The main aim of this project is to have AirPods in as many locations as possible throughout the world.

The AirPod project currently has its whitelist open for registration and those joining get an opportunity to purchase the APOD tokens during the upcoming crowdsale.

More information about AirPod is available at – https://air-pod.io/


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