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AirPod: Revolutionizing Napping and Travel


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Have you ever been to the train station or airport and thought to yourself “I wish there was a way for me to take a nap right now.” This was the same thought that the founder of the AirPod project had a short while ago. If everything goes according to plan, this is exactly what will happen in a few months to come.

Enjoying Privacy in Public Places

The AirPod sleeping capsule is a private capsule that is designed to be installed in public areas like hotels, train station, and airports. It is going to be the perfect solution for those who would like a bit of privacy, get some work done, or just chill alone in public. The pod is for those who would like to enjoy all those things but without having to leave a public setting.

To make sure you, the user, endure that highest amount of comfort and relaxation, the pod has been fitted with Wi-Fi, touch screen monitors, air conditioning, sound reducing technology, and much more. It even comes with mood lighting anti-stress programming to help you relax as much as possible in public.

Stay Private in Public Spaces

The AirPods themselves have a sleek and ergonomic design, which makes them perfectly suited for all public spaces. For now, these pods will only be available in airports, which is where the founder first had the idea for this project. This conclusion was arrived at after months of consultations. The developers of the project have even found partners to help them bring AirPods to major airports globally.

As anyone who has flown knows, planes are hardly ever on time. Besides that, finding a space in the airport where you can enjoy some peace and quiet is usually almost impossible. However, with the use of AirPods, that will be easy to achieve. As of now, if you want to get some peace and quiet in the airport, you will have to visit the lounge area. Either that or you will have to book an expensive hotel next to the airport. However, with the AirPod, whether you want to read a book or just sleep, you will not have to leave the airport.

Be Part of the Project

The good thing about the AirPod ICO is that it is backed by a real business. The AirPods are going to be powered by the APOD tokens, which will be used in the units placed in the airports. The platform’s business model, driven by blockchain technology offers the highest levels of transparency to all the stakeholders – users of AirPod capsules, vendors, partners, and future franchises. This will enable them to keep track of the revenues generated and their fair share out of it.

About the Team

Grega Mrgole, the co-founder and CEO and Miha Meolic, COO, and co-founder, head this team. A team of capable and talented individuals, who will all help to make this project a reality, assists them.

What do you think about the AirPod project? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.


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