A stable coin in today’s token economy would ideally be one that is backed by a real tangible product and a failsafe to protect it from the prevailing market conditions. It’s a token that can be used by people from around the world. It has room for practical use every day, much like APOD tokens.

APOD is the utility token which will be used within the AirPod ecosystem. The token powers a unique solution which helps make it one of the most profitable and stable business opportunities available today.

AirPod, ICO starts May 2018, is a private unit designed as a capsule which can be installed in any public space such as Airports, hotels, railway and bus stations. It’s the ideal solution for people in need of an area to relax, sleep, or even work in private while still in a public place. A single AirPod unit is made up of cutting-edge technologies that enable users to undertake a range of tasks in total privacy and comfort. They will mainly find application among transiting passengers whose average transit time is 10 hours or more.

Token Holder Get Stable Passive Crypto-Income Opportunity.

The APOD token’s main function is to be used as payment for using the AirPod capsule. At the same time, the Sponsorship Program enables users to gain monthly payouts that can be sold on exchanges, converted to fiat or used to make investments in new AirPod locations.

APOD token holder gets stable passive crypto-income opportunity provided by the liquidity of the token through a highly lucrative Sponsorship Program. Sponsorship phase will allow token holders to exchange their tokens for the right to participate in profits generated from an AirPod unit. This will be launched after the first year, or after the 400th AirPod unit is installed.

Available Overview of the Unit’s Business.

AirPod will have its own DApp which will be dedicated to advanced business users wanting to analyze the performance of each AirPod and create a Sponsorship Program agreement. The DApp will provide them with all the necessary data to enable them to choose between various AirPod unit locations, sign the Smart Contract and start gathering profits.

Each participant can earn up to 80% of a particular unit’s profits on a monthly basis making it an attractive stable passive income opportunity.

The use of blockchain technology and smart contracts bring complete transparency to the business operations down to the last AirPod unit. Sponsorship Program participants can also invest in future deals of a particular AirPod unit or even trade them with other participants or sell their share anytime to anyone.

Eventually, AirPod will become a product that will change the industry and a platform with the ultimate tools for monitoring and managing investment portfolio.

Learn more about AirPod at – https://air-pod.io/

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