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How AirPod Is Using Blockchain and Tokenization to Create Crypto Passive Income for Its Users


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If you are a transit traveler, you clearly understand the troubles that come with congested airports with limited plug points to power or recharge the electronic devices and the lack of resting areas with a decent amount of privacy. It is almost impossible for someone to get any work done or catch few hours of undisturbed sleep before resuming the journey. Recognizing the need for an innovative solution to tackle the problem, AirPod has adopted a tokenized approach that not only offers the most convenience and reliable way of accessing comfort and total relaxation while in transit but also enables the community to achieve gains as holders of the platform’s crypto tokens.

How AirPod’s Tokenization will work

Basically, AirPods are designed to ultimately revolutionize the airport experience, especially for transit travelers. These personal pods can be rented by the hour, and those paying for it in the platform’s native APOD tokens stand to get attractive discounts. The APOD token creates AirPod’s own crypto-economy that works seamlessly alongside the fiat-based transactions on the platform.

In order for APOD tokens to provide various benefits to its owners, they must gain value. The company already has a mechanism in place to facilitate it.

Here is how the APOD token will gain value

The APOD tokens start gaining value once the platform starts accepting fiat payments for its services, following the technical execution. The fiat payments thus received will be spilt into two halves, with the first half going towards company development and the other towards re-purchasing the APOD tokens at the lowest price and placing them back on sale at a value of $2.

With this design, the company will be able to manage improved arbitrage returns as more people start using AirPods and achieve a high service demand. By constantly placing APOD tokens at a margin compared to the bought price tag, APOD token will make gains.

How will Transit Travelers earn from holding APOD Tokens

AirPod is looking to launch a profit-share relationship with its avid users and partners once its 2nd phase of development kicks off. After the installation of the 400th AirPod, ICO contributors will be able to exchange their APOD tokens for the Sponsorship Program (an opportunity to share in the profits generated by AirPod units) facilitated by smart contracts.

The company is set to use Blockchain technology to enable transparency in profit sharing process through a dApp platform that simplifies the investment process of specified AirPod units. As a result of the sponsorship program, AirPod ICO participants will have a chance at owning passive crypto income from AirPod units for an indefinite time within a year of investing.


There is no denying that AirPod is on its way to establish an Uber-Like ecosystem where users, as well as investors, get to share the profits generated by the overall business model. In fact, the company is looking to eventually allow users to propose AirPod locations with 100 percent support engagement. With the realization of Blockchain’s utility beyond finance, AirPod is looking to implement this budding technology in the travel and napping industry to not only provide comfort and convenience but also enable users of the AirPods a chance at achieve crypto passive income.



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